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Day Zero panel

Extended Partnerships for Actionable Knowledge

How to engage a wider range of knowledge-holders in how societies identify, select, quality assure and mobilize knowledge that informs societal responses to pressing issues.

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The proposed Centre of Actionable Knowledges seeks to transform our practice and understanding of how societies privilege some forms of knowledge in informing decision-making while unduly ignoring other potentially relevant forms of knowledge.

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Pressing complex issues such as climate adaptation, biodiversity loss, chemical risks and pandemics exemplify society’s heavy reliance on institutionalised expertise to inform and justify action. But in deploying knowledge for action, a narrow selection of knowledge is privileged, while other knowledge is silenced.

Faced with uncertainty, high stakes, disputed values and urgent decision-making, a plurality of knowledges must be considered when finding ways to properly scope the decision space. This requires a new practice of transdisciplinary knowledge co-creation within extended partnerships for actionable knowledge.

About the event

This event presented and discussed the ideas of our ongoing bid in SFF V - the Centre of Excellence call of the Norwegian Research Council - for a Centre of Actionable Knowledges

The event was part of the SDG Conference 2022's Day Zero programme. The fifth SDG Conference Bergen took place 9-11 February 2022 with the title: Ways of knowing, modes of living, and Day Zero kicks off the conference with a day of free, all-digital events.

Our proposed CoE will explore and assess whether a turn to a more inclusive and socially robust knowledge base, attentive to epistemic pluralism, can expand the range of policy options, avoid addressing the wrong problems and reduce unforeseen impacts. The CoE seeks to enable and catalyse a reform of the social organisation of expertise.

The event consisted of short perspectives and discussions by the proposed PIs and other leading scholars on how to accommodate diversification of knowledge forms in the co-creation of actionable knowledge.

The panel was relevant for SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

See a recording of the panel below - you'll also find presentations at the bottom of the page:

Extended partnerships for actionable knowledge - Day Zero panel 2022



15.30    Jeroen van der Sluijs (UiB): Partnerships for Actionable Knowledge

15.40    Maria Tengö (Stockholm University): Weaving knowledge systems in policy advice: lessons from IPBES
15.50    Discussant: Gunilla Öberg (University of British Columbia, Vancouver)

15.55    David Waltner-Toews (University of Guelph): Finding your Peers in a pandemic fog: Marco Polo as Post Normal science
16:05    Discussant: Esperanza Diaz (Pandemic Centre UiB)

16:10    Ângela Guimarães Pereira (European Commission): The EU’s Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy
16:20:   Discussant: Siri Gloppen (UiB)

16:25    Matthias Kaiser (UiB) Transdisciplinarity and universities: a path ahead
16:35    Discussant: Laura Maxim (LISIS, CNRS, Paris)

16:40    General discussion

17:00    Close