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This library subject guide is tailored resources within geography

Academic journals

These are considered to be the most central journals within geography in Norway (Source: DBH)

Articles from academic journals gives you the research front and more in-depth discussion within different topis. There are hundreds of different journals within geography- with various focus and quality. 

Where to search for academic articles

  • Oria is all the library in one search, and let you search both the physical catalogue and multiple databases at the same time.
  • Geobase - international research literature within geoscience​. Index of 2100 journals. 
  • Web of Science - Comprehensive article index from 1945 and onward. 
  • Google Scholar - Free search engine limited to academic materials. 

In doubt where or how to conduct a search? Ask you subject librarian for recommendations.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Books on geography

Using Oria, you will find the tab "Get it" where status and location is given for the document. The book collection is organised by the Dewey classification system, where economics is divided into the following main categories:

  • 910
  • 919

Contact the library desk if you have any issues locating a document


Handbooks are thematic collections of articles with thorough introductions to topics and a critical survey of the current state of scholarship by leading scholars.


Public documents 

Newspaper archives

  • Atekst -  includes the archives from some of the largest media concerns in Norway. Only in Norwegian
  • Pressreader - 6000 international newspapers and magasines, most recent editions available
  • Proquest - International news archive from 2000 and onward


  • Sage research methods online -  tool designed to help you create research projects and understand the methods behind them. More than 800 ebooks on methodology available. 

Search Oria for books and articles on methodology 

Master thesis from department of geography

How to start searching for information

Academic information retrieval is a process that should involve some planning. Learn more at Search and write (sokogskriv.no) on

  • Getting an overview
  • Plan your searches
  • In-depth searing
  • Systematic searching

Academic writing

Useful resources on academic writing

You have several books on academic writing available in the library. See shelf signature 808.066 for titles like How to write your master's thesis or How to write and publish a scientific paper. 

Library courses

The library offers both general and tailored courses to students and staff. Contact subject librarian (below) for more information. 

Book a librarian

At the library desk you can get help and guidance in searching our catalogs and databases, or to find your way around the physical collections.

Students and employees at the University of Bergen can also book a librarian, who can help with information searching and how to locate relevant literature.


Endnote is a reference manager tool that lets you collect, organise and manage different sources through the research process. Endnote is available for download on pc, mac and ipad. An online solution is also available. Get Endnote