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Literature- and information resources for health promotion and global development

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Finding books

Required reading

You can find literature from your required reading list either physically at the library, online through a search in Oria, or in some cases as downloadable files in the Literature Kiosk. To find physical and electronic books you can search for the title in Oria. You find the shelf placement for physical books under “Get it” where it says “Location”.

Shelf placement

Health promotion topics

306.461 - Medicine and health
362 - Social problems and services
613 - Personal health and safety
614.4 - Epidemiology

Global development topics

303.4 - Social change
304.2 - Human ecology
320 - Political science
333 - Economics of land and energy
338.9 - Economic development and growth


001.42 - Research methods
025.524 - Information search and retrieval
150.72 – Psychology - research
300 - Social sciences
362.10723 - Health care - descriptive research
401.41  - Discourse analysis
519.50285 - Statistical mathematics--personal computer programs (Books about SPSS)

Click here for more information about how to find books.
See this page for information about loans.


Some of the University Library’s books are only available in digital format. There are different ways to find e-books.

By searching in Oria you will find most of the e-books we have access to. We still advice you to search directly in the e-book databases. Then your search words will be matched to fulltext (unless you choose to limit the search to «title», for instance). This will give you better chances of catching relevant literature where the title of the book does not reflect the topic you are searching for.

ProQuest Ebook Central
Here we have access to books from many publishers. Usually you can download or print a percentage of pages of each book. With some titles you can download the full book for a 14-day loan onto your computer or e-reader for offline reading. If you create your own account at Ebrary it will give you access to more functions.

These are books published by the American Psychological Association. This database also has a large number of older, classic titles where the copyright has expired.

This is a database with both books and journals from Springer. Sorting options, such as Chapters you will find in the left margin of the results list. Most of the journals from Springer will be indexed in large index-databases, such as PsycINFO, Web of Science and MedLine.

Frequently asked questions about the use of e-books.



In Oria you can search in the library’s printed and electronic collections; books, articles, journals, music, films, and more.

Here you can find a search guide for Oria with information about how to order and reserve books and renew loans, among other things.

Subject specific databases

Web of Science is an important database for health promotion. It is an interdiciplinary database where health promotion is one of many subject areas. Web of Science shows the complete reference list for all articles. You can also look up who has cited a given article.

If you wish to search in other databases, see the overview of literature and information resources for the subject are health promotion.

Search & Write

Are you going to write an assignment? Go to Search & Write to gather inspiration.


APA 6th (published by the American Psychological Association) is one of many standards / formats for academic literature. The style includes norms for structure in text, headlines, language use, citation practice, and citation format for different types of sources.

Help for correct APA-style:

The library has several copies of the APA-manual for borrowing, in addition to copies available for use in the library.

The APA has its own help pages, and a searchable blog

The web page Search & Write presents a Norwegian interpretation of APA 6th.



The newest EndNote version is X9 (released autumn 2018).If you wish to upgrade from X8 to X9, remember to unistall X8 before installing X9.EndNote libraries created with X8 will function equally well with X9.

Download EndNote from here

What is EndNote Online?

EndNote Online (also called Endnote Web) is a "light version" of the EndNote desktop programme. (EndNote desktop requires downloaded software, X8 or X9). Usually, when one refers to EndNote, it is the desktop version that is meant. "Online" or "web" is added to the name if one refers to the web-based version.

Sharing an EndNote library (EndNote Desktop)

Sharing an EN-library requires that all collaborating persons use the version X7.2 or newer. It also requires using word processing software that is made for interacting with EndNote. Word will function across PC/ Mac collaboration. If all parties use PC, Open Office Writer will function fine, and so will Pages in a collaboration where everybody uses Mac. Instructions on how to share an EN-library is found here.

EndNote guidance:

- Basic use of EndNote desktop X9 (course handout)

Basic use of EndNote desktop X8 (course handout)

- EndNote support pages from the producer

- Ask for help at the information desk in the library, or address your contact librarian (see the bottom of the page).


PhD on Track

From mapping out the literature to publishing.
Go to PhD on Track if you wish to know more about getting an overview of the literature in your subject area, or about publishing.

Phd on Track is divided into three modules:

  • module one tackles effective ways of mapping out and systemizing research literature.
  • module two is about the publishing process, featuring topics such as submitting your manuscript for publishing and questions about copyright issues.
  • module three is about evalution and ranking of publication channels.

It is possible to select content using "My content" (ex. text, figures, etc.) and save as a pdf-file.