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ICT Research School at Department of informatics

The PhD education at the Department of informatics is organized under The Research School in Information and Communication Technology. Every year the school invites to a seminar where the PhD students learn presentation techniques and learn about each other's research.

Sommer på Rosendal Fjordhotel
Rosendal Fjordhotel

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The invitation to the annual ICT Research School seminar, this year taking place at Rosendal Fjordhotel from 15.05- to 16.05, has now been sent out to all potential participants. 

The seminar is compulsory for the all the PhD students at the Department of Informatics, minus those belonging to MCB Research School. You confirm your participation by e-mailing Tetiana Yarygina.


This year's committee consists of the following PhD candidates:
Eivind Jahren (Eivind.Jahren@ii.uib.no)
Andras Johnsen Lind (Andreas.Lind@ii.uib.no)
Reza SaeiDinvar ( Reza.SaeiDinvar@ii.uib.no)
Ute Schaarschmidt (Ute.Schaarschmidt@ii.uib.no)
Tetiana Yarygina (Tetiana.Yarygina@ii.uib.no)