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How can you make your research data open and FAIR?

The goal of the University of Bergen is that data resulting from research activity should be made readily available for reuse in accordance with FAIR-principles. Researchers are encouraged to make their data openly available as early as possible in the research process

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Sharing and re-using quality-assured research data is considered good scientific practice. Most funders, e.g. Norwegian Research Council or Horizon Europe, and publishers require that the research data from a project is made openly available. The saying is "as open as possible, as restricted as necessary", meaning that research data should be openly available unless prevented by legitimate considerations relating to security, protection of personal privacy, IPR or trade secrets.

This course consists of two short modules. In the first part you will get a short introduction to the FAIR-principles and how you can make your research data open and FAIR. In the second part, we will give an introduction to our archive UiB Open Research Data, and how to archive your data here. 

The course will be held in Norwegian.


10:15-10:40: Open and FAIR data - what, why and how?
10:40-11:00 How to archive research data - practical examples from UiB Open Research Data

Presentation from previous courses are available on Zenodo.