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The small animal PET/CT facility is up and running and we welcome users to contact the facility to plan and perform experiments.
MIC is happy to report that the upgrade of the preclinical MRI system is now complete and the system has passed all the acceptance tests.
The NorMIC Oslo node consisting of the IMBV (IBV) Imaging facility and OUS Confocal Core Facility will arrange a two-day practical user course in live cell imaging and super-resolution microscopy. The course is primarily for participants that already have started to use imaging and need live cell imaging in their work. There will be given theoretical lectures on confocal, super-resolution and... Read more
A new text book about quantitative proteomics by researches at the University of Bergen and Ghent University, Belgium.
8th National Proteomics Meeting in Oslo.
The Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) is this year hosts the fifth national NorMIC microscopy symposium to be held in Bergen on October 25th – 26th 2012. In addition to international and national speakers, suppliers will install whole confocal microscopes for the participants to bring their own samples.
Dr. Lars Skjærven and Professor Aurora Martinez got their publication highlighted on the October issue of Proteins.
Researchers in TSG have, together with collaborators in Helsinki, identified a novel class of cyclic lipopeptides, named Anabaenolysin after the producing cyanobacterium, Anabaena. The lipopeptides have two glycines, two unusual amino acids, where one contains and a long unsaturated fatty acid chain. Their structures enable them to penetrate into membranes, but preferably membranes containing... Read more
The course will include lectures, practical work and demonstrations of different quantitative proteomics techniques. The course will require basic knowledge in proteomics (theoretical and practical).
On the 13th of April 2012 Ann Cathrine Kroksveen successfully defended her PhD thesis and thus completed her PhD degree.
Most Master's students are in a phase where future career and job opportunities are very much in focus. The possibilities are many, but where do you start? Who has the relevant positions, and what qualifications are valuable to potential employers? The Student Committee of Medical Biology arranged a Career Day at BBB to dig deeper into these questions.
We are happy to announce that Small Animal Ultrasound is now made available for scientits that require this technology in their projects.
The University of Tromsø is the host of The 7th Norwegian Proteomics Conference. This is an anual meeting arranged by the Norwegian Proteomics Society.