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Welcome to the September edition of the ICT PhD Forum! This month's topic: 100 Word Abstract Method (by Daniel Soule)

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In this seminar, Daniel Soule will introduce us to the "100 Word Abstract Method": a powerful and simple planning and editing technique. Dr Daniel Soule will introduce us to a technique for getting to the heart of an idea and expressing it clearly. He'll demonstrate a practical  example and show how structure and content are intimately connected. The 100 Word Abstract Method is a great planning tool, but it can help with editing our scientific writing.

Dr. Daniel Soule is a research writing trainer, known for his bright and energetic style. A former university lecturer and published academic, Daniel Soule now teaches at universities all over the UK, Ireland and Norway. He is also a fiction author, having published three novels and over 30 short stories, and the only thing he loves as much as writing is teaching.

More information about the forum meeting, including the registration link, has been sent to all PhD candidates in a separate email. The number of participants is limited to 25.

In general, the ICT PhD forum has been created as a place where PhD candidates enrolled in the Department of Informatics' PhD program can get together and learn from one another. The forum meetings are organized by the PhD candidates themselves, and in 2021 we are planning for monthly meet-ups on Wednesdays at 10:15. A meeting will usually consist of 1-2 short talks/seminars given by invited speakers, followed by an informal networking and discussion session.

In 2021, the forum organizers are Laura Garrison, Erlend Raa Vågset and Sophie Fischer.