Trond Mohn Research Foundation (TMF) grants

Trond Mohn Research Foundation (TMF) grants

A number of excellent young scientists have been recruited to UiB with the support of Trond Mohn Research Foundation since 2005.

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Trond Mohn Research Foundation has contributed to the recruitment of excellent scientists from all over the world to the University of Bergen.

The Trond Mohn Research Foundation, based on donations from Trond Mohn, Marit Mohn and Frederik Mohn, has allocated more than a billion Norwegian kroner in grants to research institutions in Norway since 2004.

The foundation has pursued the goal of recruiting young researchers and bringing them to Bergen. In collaboration with the University of Bergen (UiB), a four-year recruitment programme, the Starting Grant programme, was put in place to achieve this goal. During the past fifteen years, 51 talented young people have been awarded the fellowship grant.

These are the current Starting Grant Fellows:

Henriette Aksnes Gabriele de Seta - Jana Birke Belschner - Justas ZalieckasMali Husby RosnesCarina StrellSuzette FlantuaErlend Grong - Salwa Suliman - Willem van der BiltKarl M. Laundal - Eirik HovdenArjan Schakel 

The University of Bergen and Trond Mohn Foundation established the TMF-UiB Career Program for the grantees in 2019.

Read about some of the grantees and their research in the news stories below. Read more about the TMF Starting Grant programme on the TMF website.

The Trond Mohn Research Foundation offers annual information meeting on the TMF Starting Grant scheme for UiB's faculties and entities. The meetings usually take place between November and January. UiB's Division for Research and Innovation facilitates the meetings.


On 1 February 2024, the Trond Mohn Research Foundation changed its Norwegian name from "Trond Mohn Stiftelse" (short TMS) to "Trond Mohn Forskningsstiftelse" (short TMF). In older articles, the TMS abbrevation will occur.


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