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CBU/CCBIO 2 days hands-on workshop on "Basic R" (programming language)

CCBIO is happy to announce a CBU/CCBIO 2 days hands-on workshop on "Basic R" (programming language), including installation of R-Studio and Cytoscape. The workshop will be highly useful for the participants of the NORBIS/CCBIO networks biology workshop later in August, and for others applying analyses in biostatistics and bioinformatics in their research.

2-days hands-on preparation workshop (R Introduction, Cytoscape installation)

As a preparation for attending the workshop on Network Biology/Integromics Bioinformatics – Applications Towards Medicine (http://norbis.no/activities/workshops/network-biologyintegromics-bioinformatics-applications-towards-medicine/), the CBU Service Group organize, based upon request from CCBIO (http://www.uib.no/en/ccbio) an informal workshop over two days focussing on:

1. Completing and verifying R/RStudio installation on the laptop you intend to use

2. Basic R skills hands-on tutorial (based on Software Carpentry lesson: R for reproducible Science (http://swcarpentry.github.io/r-novice-gapminder/)) - the bulk time of this preparation workshop

3. Completing and verifying Cytoscape and Java installation (incl loading and testing a sample data set).

Time: 16 - 17 August 2017, 0830-1530

Place: HiB or VilVite , room to be announced

Please register within Friday (June 30) at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/iFglPOttCw8rhaAL2

CCBIO contact person: Elisabeth Wik