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Honorary Doctorate lecture by Dr. Bruce Zetter

Guest lecture by Dr. Bruce Zetter, in connection with his appointment as Honorary Doctor at the University of Bergen. Lecture title: «RNA as a tool for cancer therapy».

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Dear All

We have the pleasure of announcing that CCBIO and the Faculty of Medicine's candidate for UiB’s honorary doctorate awards, Professor Bruce R. Zetter, will be appointed as honorary doctor on October 15th 2019.  Dr. Zetter is highly merited and collaborates closely with CCBIO, and he was nominated with support from several departments and faculties at UIB.

In connection with Dr. Zetter’s appointment, he will present a guest lecture at the Medical Faculty on October 14th, at 14:15 (2:15 PM) titled «RNA as a tool for cancer therapy».

Invited speaker: Bruce R. Zetter, Charles Nowiszewski Professor of Cancer Biology at Harvard Medical School. (Short presentation of Zetter)

Title: RNA as a tool for cancer therapy

Abstract: The treatment of cancer has seen dramatic improvement in the last decade, yet many patients still fail to respond to current therapies. Most currently-used  cancer drugs are small chemical molecules that antagonize cancer pathways, yet many cancer-promoting pathways do not respond to these agents.  The delivery of RNA molecules to tumors provides a new way to target some of these previously “undruggable” targets.  In the lecture, Dr. Zetter will describe new advances in RNA drug delivery to tumors that both disables cancer-promoting genes and also restores the activity of natural tumor-suppressor genes. This double punch to the cancer cell can provide dramatic anti-tumor effects in experimental animals and, hopefully, in human patients.

When: 14. October 2019, 14.15-17:00

Where: Store Auditorium, Sentralblokken, Haukeland Universitetssjukehus

Who: All are welcome, also without registration, but we encourage as many as possible to register:

Registration: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=706667

It is a great honor for The Medical Faculty to be awarded an honorary doctorate and we strongly encourage all of you to attend the lecture and the informal gathering afterwards, where we will enjoy a meal of tapas together. The lecture is open to all and you are more than welcome to inform others of this invitation.