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Sustainable Development Goals to meet Global Development Challenges

The University of Bergen’s (UiB’s) Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) 2015 is being held 15-27 June. The faculty team leading this summer’s programme are largely based at UiB’s Centre for International Health (CIH).

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Begun in 2008, BSRS is committed to produce and disseminate research-based education to address key global challenges (learn more). The School is under the auspices of UiB Global, which is responsible for global and development-related research at UiB; one of the university’s two priority areas for research.

All can participate

The opening ceremony and numerous open, key-note lectures are streamed and available at BSRS 2015 live broadcast. The Scientific Director of BSRS 2015, Professor Rune Nilsen, was a previous leader of CIH. In addition to leading a course, current Centre Director, Bente Moen, will give a welcome, introduction and overview.

PhD candidates from around the world participate in BSRS. This year there will be 130 participants and lecturers from 26 different countries. Read more in an article entitled, “How to create a sustainable future”. Another article, entitled, “Millennium Development Goals within reach - what next?” explains this year’s BSRS aims to address that:

“Many targets have been met in several regions, but progress in other areas is far from sufficient. What strategies do we need for the global society of the future to ensure sustainable development, including for poor countries?”

(more on the Millennium Development Goals)

Many from CIH involved

BSRS 2015 involves lecturers from or associated with CIH including: Thorkild Tylleskär, Bente Moen, Astrid Blystad, Karen Marie Moland, Halvor Sommerfelt, José Martines, Elisabeth Darj, Bernt Lindtjørn, Ylaiso Yaya Balla, Sven Gudmunch Hinderake, Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy, Ingunn Engebretsen and Anna Bergström.