Department of Earth Science


The Research activities at the department of Earth Science are concentrated in thematic groups. You can read more about the work of the individual groups and their research projects on their respective home pages.

Research group leaders:

Quaternary Earth Systems. Leader: Jostein Bakke, Deputy: Berit O.B. Hjelstuen

Geochemistry & Geobiology. Leader: Desiree Roerdink Deputy: Eoghan Reeves

Basin and Reservoir Studies. Leader: Atle Rotevatn, Deputy: Isabelle Lecomte

Geodynamics. Leader: Ritske Huismans, Deputy: Kuvvet Atakan


The department of Earth Science is partner in:



We participate in the following:

  • FME (Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research)
  • CGER (Norwegian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research)