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Steffen Jorgensen, a PhD at CGB, will be literally at sea for two months this autumn aboard an international research cruise.
'Science & Environment' section of the BBC News has talked with Beatriz Diaz Pauli.
For two weeks at the end of summer 2011, three researchers from the Centre of Geobiology were involved in the testing of NIVA’s new lander system.
Tron Frede Thingstad in the news in Compute Scotland.
It was quite different from "everyday life" says researcher Antje Gittel.
The Sea Lice Research Centre, a newly awarded Centre for Research-based Innovation, opened Friday 9 September. It will be led by BIO professor, Frank Nilsen.
Christoffer Schander and Christiane Todt are part of a researcher team that recently published in Nature.
CGB researcher Nicola McLoughlin was a co-author of the introduction to the latest issue of Astrobiology.
Sindre Grotmol's work with Underwater robotics research reported in Discovery News.
Identifying environmental microbes with microscopic techniques is an impossible task: they all seem to look the same, and their shape does not tell anything about their phylogeny or physiology.
Fabian was awarded PhD degree after a lively debate with the opponents. EvoFish congratulates!