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On November 27, UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management and CeSAM researcher Inger Måren represented the University of Bergen at the government's hearing for two upcoming reports to the Norwegian parliament; one on biodiversity and one on climate.
Agricultural activity in Norway has been decreasing since the 1950’s, leaving substantial areas of agricultural land abandoned. These lands are typically left to naturally regrow, or they are planted with Norwegian native tree species to mitigate atmospheric carbon. But how do these changes impact different ecosystem services? UNESCO Chair and CESAM affiliated researchers have investigated what... Read more
CeSAM is looking for PhD Research Fellow in Ecosystem Services, to measure and understand patterns of ecosystem service demand across Norwegian society.
The Appendicularian Facility at the Michael Sars Centre at the University of Bergen is one of only four in the world. This month, guest researchers traveled from the U.S. to conduct experiments in this unique laboratory.