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Visual artist Ellen Karin Mæhlum writes that “Art and science often begin with visual observations followed by mental adaptation and subsequent interpretation. My aim was to make visible something that is normally both invisible and inaccessible. One of the things that interested me was what happens to the motif when the original photographs taken under the microscope are enlarged, adapted and... Read more
PhD students Joachim Spindelböck and Eric Meineri are involved in a project that is investigating how Norwegian vegetation is responding to climate change. The project involves counting out the seeds of six different reference species into 113 packages of 300 or 500 each,, seeding them in the field in locations different in climate from their origin and then observing how their germination and... Read more
Over sixty students filled the little auditorium at BIO to learn more about how to approach thesis writing. Associate Professor Karen Lunsford from the University of California, Santa Barbara actively engaged them in a series of short exercises addressing issues of writer’s block and controlling information flow.