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Daniel Ricard from the Biology Centre (České Budějovice) is spending two months in Bergen.
PhD student Keno Ferter is studying this hotly debated issue.
A serendipitous visit to the dentist may have rescued a valuable fresh-water mussel population!
Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology groups have joined the forces.
Piero Lopez has started his master's project on analysing growth in guppies based on their otoliths.
Microbial diversity in tropical aquatic environments
Environmental microbiology in Bangladesh
Learning more about the changes that occur in the brain of salmon during smoltification may give us insight into the plasticity of our own brain.
Henrik Christiansen, who visited EvoFish last winter to carry out the practical research for his master's project, has now passed the final examination at his home institute at the University of Bremen. EvoFish congratulates!
Two of BIO’s prize-winning teachers share some of their reflections on what makes a good teacher.