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China is by far the biggest fishery producer, yet fisheries management in China is comparatively unknown. A new review is changing this.
It may be that reconciling the goals of conservation and greater yields is less difficult than was previously thought.
Fish ear bones (otoliths) provide important information about not only fish age and growth, but also about the environment during the lifetime of the fish.
What can free candy teach us about fisheries-induced evolution?
Researchers and school kids with a mission: bridging the gap between climate science and society
Female bearded gobies mature in anoxic waters off Namibia, finds Yusra Taha
Spawning area for bearded goby on outer shelf off central Namibia in anoxic waters reported recently by Maria L. Seivåg in her Master thesis
New article shows that maturation in male guppies is influenced by the social environment in which they grow.
A new article in the ICES Journal of Marine Science finds a widespread positive relationship between fish weight and price per kg in Norwegian fisheries.