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Joan Sala is a biology bachelor student from the University of Barcelona (UB). During the fourth year of his bachelor he has to carry out a thesis, so he decided to come to Bergen and join the EvoFish group!
Shaken, not stirred. A new paper is shaking the position of the Baranov catch equation as one of the cornerstones of fisheries science. Fortunately, this shaking turns out not be too serious.
Willis, K.J. & McElwain, J.C. (2014) The Evolution of Plants (second edition). Oxford University Press, 424 pp.
BIO Awards for 2013 were presented at BIO’s Christmas party, 6 December 2013.
In the last few years of his life, Torstein Solhøy worked with colleagues on preparing a book about the natural and cultural history and ecology of Neshalvøya, a peninsula in Hardangerfjorden.
Alistair Seddon (post-doctoral fellow on the Parasol project in EECRG) is the first author a new paper identifying 50 priority research questions in palaeoecology.