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"Politicians need proper advice and that is where we as scientists need to contribute as active researchers and communicators", says Tanja Kögel, a researcher at the Institute of Marine Research, and the Department of Biological Sciences at UiB.
Science for nature and people: Webinar celebrating the contribution of research to the evolution of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme throughout the last 50 years. During the morning session we will present and discuss emerging research in sustainability science linked to Biosphere Reserves. In the afternoon we will host a participatory workshop to identify future research horizons... Read more
By Antonia Areali, Ilyasse Bsaithi, Anne Hareide Lund, Charlotte Nakken, Emily Nicolaysen, Åsne Omdal, Emmeli Rundqvist, Torunn Stople, Rune Storli og Cameron Thompson
EECRG members have been co-authors of a paper published in Science looking at the impact of human arrival on island biodiversity.
A most remarkable feature of the Atlantic salmon louse is its ability to neutralize practically all immune responses by its host, the Atlantic salmon. Except for some very limited local reaction, the louse is barely visible to the immune system. What may be the result of millions of years of co-evolution and a molecular arms-race between parasite and host has resulted in some sort of armistice in... Read more