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A valuable addition to gender research at UiB

Professor in philosophy at UiT, Annamari Vitikainen, is guest researcher at the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK) in the academic year 2021-2022.

Kvinne med blondt, kort hår i svarte og mørkraude klede står framfor ein søyle og eit skilt for Senter for kvinne og kjønns-forsking og Senter for vitskapsteori
Vitikainen visits SKOK at Parkveien 9 regularly.
Kamilla Stølen

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Vitikainen’s research interests fall broadly within the field of contemporary political philosophy, social and global justice and gender and sexuality. The last couple of years, she has mainly worked on questions related to migration, multiculturalism and minority rights, focusing on “minorities within minorities,” for instance LGBT+ refugees.

At UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Vitikainen leads the research group Pluralism, Democracy and Justice, and she is also a member of The Research Group in Feminist Philosophy.

Vitikainen also has several years of experience working on projects funded by the Research Council of Norway (NFR): She is part of the project Indigenous Citizenship and Education (ICE) and participated in the recently concluded project Globalizing Minority Rights (GMR). From 2021, she has been the project leader of the NFR project Good Integration (GOODINT): Goals and bottlenecks of good integration and social cohesion.

At SKOK, Vitikainen is member of the research group Foundational Questions in Gender and Sexuality Research. During her visit, she hopes to deepen her understanding of gender and sexuality related problematics also within other fields than philosophy, and to gain valuable, empirically grounded knowledge on issues relating to migration, integration, and inclusion.

"Philosophers are often dependent on data provided by social scientists, and the interdisciplinary environment at SKOK provides an excellent arena for such collaboration and transfer of knowledge," says Vitikainen.

According to interim Head of Centre at SKOK, Kari Jegerstedt, Vitikainen is a highly valuable addition to SKOK’s staff:

"She does research on many of the same topics as us, like migration, justice and sexuality, but she is approaching them from different angles, which sparks good discussions. In addition, we have benefited from her extensive experience in securing external funding, and she provides support to our young, up-and-coming researchers who seek a career in research."