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Ruy Llera Blanes, Postdoctor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Bergen, is out with a new book on Christianity in Africa and Europe.
Kjetil Fosshagen is out with a new book, exploring the structural dynamics underpinning popular resistance and their support or suppression during the Arab Spring. The book asks; has the revolutions since been hijacked and the uprisings already usurped by the upper classes?
Bruce Kapferer has recently published a new book - 2001 and Counting: Kubrick, Nietzsche, and Anthropology. Read more about it here!
At the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, there is a vacant position as Researcher/Administrator for the ERC-funded Egalitarianism Project.
The EU-funded ECOPAS project brings together anthropology, climate research and performative arts to highlight the challenges faced by Pacific island nations.
Michelle MacCarthy started as a postdoctoral fellow here at the Department of Anthropology in February 2013, and is a contributor to the Norwegian Research Council funded project "Gender and Pentecostalism in a Comparative Perspective". Read on for her profile!
Ruy Blanes is post doctoral research fellow here at the Department of Anthropology in Bergen. Together with Diana Espírito Santo, he has edited a new and exiting book on the social life of spirits. Published by Chicago Books, the book is now available for purchase.
The editors of Kula Kula announced the winner of the ever popular photo competition at the release of the new Kula Kula magazine at Kvarteret on Thursday.
This fall, a 'con amore' course in Medical Anthropology has created a lot of positive attention. Amongst the students, medical anthropology has been a requested sub-genre within anthropology that UiB previously have not offered. Now, the course is finally here – led by PhD candidate Ane Straume. But Straume, why all the buzz?
Environmental Anthropology, Ethnobiology, Maritime Anthropology, Political Ecology. US born and Venezuelan raised Michael Vina has recently begun his PhD project here in Bergen, where he focuses on environmental knowledge and perspectives on climate change amongst fishers in coastal Ecuador. Read more about him here!
Market, Culture, and Micro-Business in Insular Southeast Asia
Det er nå ledig syv ulike engasjementer som undervisningsassistenter for høstsemesteret 2012. Søknadsfrist for alle er mandag 4. juni 2012.
Having started in August 2010, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen joins the research programme Poverty Politics.
The Department of social anthropology has the following list of seminars this semester