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BIO300 has been awarded the Education Ministry’s top prize for quality for 2009 – a prize worth a half million NOK!
Congratulations to Petra Rodewald who has just completed the first chapter of her research scientist adventure (her Masters) and has already lined up chapter two; a PhD position in Finland.
In 2000 during an oceanographic cruise a group of researchers stumbled upon a unique discovery – a completely new kind of hydrothermal vent field.
Preliminary analysis of 3650m of pristine rock core is revealing some unexpected data that may provide insights into perhaps the earliest perturbations of the global carbon cycle.
A book chapter by Vigdis Torsvik and Lise Øvreås... The book is entitled: Microbial diversity, life strategies, and adaptation to life in extreme soils. I: Microbiology of Extreme Soils. Springer 2008 ISBN 978-3-540-74230-2. s. 15-43.
Are Nylund sier at for å hindre spreiing a francisella i nord bør all fisken i anlegg som får påvist smitte slaktast ut. Det seier Are Nylund ved Universitetet i Bergen til Norsk Fiskeoppdrett/kyst.no
The Skeletal Development Group has a new name; Vertebrate evolution and development. According to Professors Sindre Grotmol, Harald Kryvi and Geir Låre Totland, the new name reflects an exciting evolution in the group's research activity towards more fundamental biological questions regarding the mechanism for the development of the vertebral column; the hallmark of the vertebrates.
The Matrix project in Uganda has now been running for a couple of years. Fieldwork can sometimes be difficult, but Vigdis managed to solve the problem of keeping food in the hot climate by having very fresh food for lunch!
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