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When climate change alters distributions of fish stocks, it is not only the biology of fish stocks that is affected: also the ownership of fish stocks is changing. This has implications for the countries that are sharing a resource.
UiB researchers are documenting the extraordinary biodiversity in Uganda in pictures.
The Director of the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies is visiting BIO!
Fish Health Professor Heidrun Wergeland turns 60!
We have the pleasure of presenting the following new employees and visitors at the Centre for Geobiology:
A chance discovery of a sunken log on the seabed in the North Atlantic is providing concrete support for the idea that stepping stone habitats may help to explain the diffusion of populations of organisms across the deep seafloor.
Could cooperative behaviour between males be based on female promiscuity?
The Tage Nilsson Memorial Lectures in the Department of Geology, Quaternary Sciences, University of Lund were given by Hilary and John Birks on March 7 and 8.
Frede Thingstad is an author on a Review article in Nature Geoscience
Tunicol, led by Eric Thompson and Christoffer Troedsson, has won an innovation prize.
Henrik Christiansen is an Erasmus student doing his Master project on bearded gobies from the Benguela system.
Torbjørn Rage Paulsen, a PhD student from the Evolutionary Ecology research group at BIO, is first author on a paper that was selected this week as one of Science’s Editor’s Choice articles.
A delegation from UiB headed by Rector Sigmund Grønmo visited Makerere University to celebrate 25 years of collaboration between the two universities.