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A delegation from UiB headed by Rector Sigmund Grønmo visited Makerere University to celebrate 25 years of collaboration between the two universities.
EvoFish now boasts an exclusive trophy, dedicated to PhDs from EvoFish.
Associate Professor Torstein Solhøy has passed away. Friends and colleagues at the Department of Biology and around the world will deeply miss this genial, enthusiastic, knowledgeable ecologist.
Marie Curie Actions provide researchers with stepping stones of new research opportunities.
Do size quotas have an evolutionary impact on fish populations? Mikko Heino and Jeppe Kolding are in a recent Nature News Feature.
Focusing on the wealth of information gleaned from the recent Fennoscandian Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project (FAR-DEEP), “Reading the Archive of Earth’s Oxygenation” is a veritable atlas for current knowledge of a literally life-changing period in Earth’s history.
EvoFish has a pleasure of hosting Shen Gongming, a visiting scholar from the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences.
2013 has begun, and so have the studies of two CGB students in our PhD programme. We are pleased to welcome Jan Vander Roost and Sven Le Moine Bauer to Bergen and to our team.
Recent research indicate that there may be a link between contaminants in food-stuff and the explosion in metabolic diseases, incl. type 2 diabetes, in the western world.
CGB researcher Dr. Romain Meyer joins IODP vessel JOIDES Resolution to explore evolution and formation of deep oceanic crust
Yusra Taha is making good progress with her master project on the reproductive biology of female bearded gobies. After a field trip to Namibia, it has been many long hours in the lab.
Beatriz Diaz Pauli, or Bea as we know her, was awarded PhD degree after a good debate with the opponents. EvoFish congratulates!
The evaluation committee gives green light for the PhD defence of Beatriz Díaz Pauli.
A multidisciplinary team of researchers at the Centre for Geobiology (CGB) have published their findings about how the geochemicial stratification in seafloor sediments correlates with stratification within microbial communities also found there.
While hunting for guppies in Sri Lanka, Ranga Jayawickrama discovered a location hosting a guppy population at a high altitude.