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The evaluation committee gives green light for the PhD defence of Beatriz Díaz Pauli.
A multidisciplinary team of researchers at the Centre for Geobiology (CGB) have published their findings about how the geochemicial stratification in seafloor sediments correlates with stratification within microbial communities also found there.
While hunting for guppies in Sri Lanka, Ranga Jayawickrama discovered a location hosting a guppy population at a high altitude.
Year 2011 has truly been an eventful year for the Centre for Geobiology (CGB).
John Birks was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Palaeolimnology at the 12th International Paleolimnology Symposium in Glasgow.
Cindy Van Dover will give her honorary doctorate lecture Thursday 30 August, in Realfagbyget’s Auditorium 4, at 14:15.
Professor Anne Magurran ved University of St Andrews i Scotland ble den 31. august utnevnt til æresdoktor ved Universitetet i Bergen under doktorpromosjonen i Håkonshallen.
Armine Margaryan from Armenia is the first visiting PhD student in a new Eurasia programme in geomicrobiology
University of Bergen awarded Professor Anne Magurran an honorary doctorate on August 31. To mark this event, a seminar in her honour was arranged on August 30. In addition to a keynote talk by Professor Magurran, exciting local research was portrayed.
Ranga Jayawickrama is collecting additional material for his Master thesis at Sri Lanka.
PhD student Adilan Hniman from The Prince of Songkla University in Thailand is finalizing his PhD work in Norway
Postdoctoral fellowship in evolutionary fisheries ecology is now open. Dead-line: July 29.
Hugo Capes from Montpellier is doing his research practice with EvoFish.
Although source of intense investigations, the origins of type 2 diabetes and obesity remain unclear.