Egalitarian Futures Research Group

Overview of the Egalitarian Futures Research Group's Researchers

The Egalitarian Futures Research Group (EFRG) is organized by an Executive Committee and consists of a large number of researchers from various disciplines and geographical locations. Several of the researchers were part of the ERC Advanced Grant project “Egalitarianism: Forms, Processes, Comparisons” led by Professor Bruce Kapferer from 2014 to 2019. Below is an overview of the group’s active and affiliated researchers.

Egalitarianism Research Group
Members of the Egalitarianism Project gathered at the Barony of Rosendal in Hardanger, August 2017.
Knut Rio

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Affiliated Researchers

Yasmeen Arif (Delhi School of Economics)

Anya Bernstein (Harvard University)

Divine Fuh (University of Cape Town)

Marina Gold (Zurich University)

Tareq Hasan (University of Dhaka)

Rosita Henry (James Cook University)

Jacob Hjortsberg (University of Bergen) 

Martin Holbraad (UCL)

André Iteanu (EPHE)

Mari Hanssen Korsbrekke (University of Bergen)

Joyce Liu (National Chiao Tung University)

Morten Nielsen (National Museum of Denmark)

Donald Nonini (North Carolina)

Orlando Patterson (Harvard University)

Edyta Roszko (Christian Michelsen Institute)

Axel Rudi (University of Copenhagen)

Julia Sauma (University College London)

Matan Ilan Shapiro (Hadassah Academic College)

Maria Dyveke Styve (University of Bergen)

Anna Szolucha (Northumbria University)

Alessandro Zagato (Maynooth University)