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The world outside is knocking on Norway’s door. This creates new and challenging issues for legal professionals that will change the legal landscape in the next few years.
The high elevation flat surfaces characteristic of the Norwegian landscape are in geologically terms young, according to a paper in Nature Geoscience.
The Kavli Prize is awarded to researchers in the fields of astrophysics, nano science, and neuro science. The man behind the prize, Fred Kavli, recently visited Bergen.
The exchange of researchers and developing regional climate expertise and capacity in developing countries is part of the now formalized collaboration between the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
In 2014, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presents its Fifth Assessment Report. The Bjerknes Centre is heavily involved with the report.
At the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, more than 100 climate scientists work to study the climate – past, present, and future. The centre celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2012.
The number of PhDs at the University of Bergen reached another high in the spring of 2012 with 144 new doctorates. Each faculty will also get an honorary doctorate.
Jill Walker Rettberg is hard at work trying to bring together up to 40,000 alumni of the University of Bergen. The UiB alumnni project kicked off with an event in London on 31 August.
The University of Bergen welcomes 715 new international students this autumn. A new record. The students first meeting with UiB is a crash course in how to be a student in Bergen.
– A surrealistic and figurative approach, says art historian Siri Meyer about the new mural created by the Argentine street artist Jaz on the UiB campus.
On Tuesday 14 August the UiB leadership officially welcome students and staff to a new academic year. International students get a peek start on Thursday 9 August.
An iPhone app developed in Bergen is helping schizophrenia patients block the unwanted voices they hear in their heads.
This year the Bergen Summer Research School takes place for the fifth time. Once again, issues of globalisation are discussed in this interdisciplinary forum. We traced the roots of the summer school with founding mother Kjersti Fløttum.
The subject of the fifth Bergen Summer Research School is «Transnational Migration and Global Development».
Higher education reduces the risk of becoming disabled. But this does not apply to everyone. Doctor Helle Schøyen has researched the connection between bipolar disorder and disability.
Are you a social media enthusiast or simply a Facebook addict? Researchers from Norway have developed a new instrument to measure Facebook addiction, the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale.
Researchers from the University of Bergen have developed a new instrument to measure work addiction: The Bergen Work Addiction Scale.
This year’s Christie conference is just around the corner. Wednesday 25 April Grieghallen will resound with conversations inspired by panel discussions and lectures.