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Speaking on behalf of the new PhDs, Ingrid Birce Müftüoglu reminded the audience that research can be both the cause and the solution to the world’s problems.
In 2013 there were more women PhD graduates at the University of Bergen than ever before. A total of 265 new PhDs graduated, of which 140 were women.
By using old records kept by the ancient Romans and medieval Italian monks, a team of geologists have brought to light the roots of earthquake-prone faults.
It is now 200 years since the Norwegian Constitution was adopted at Eidsvoll in 1814. UiB celebrates the anniversary with publications, seminars, conferences, gala performances and exhibitions.
Sleep is the brother of death, according to Homer. But the fact is that you become depressed, unfocused and fall ill if you don’t get enough sleep.
The EU-funded ECOPAS project brings together anthropology, climate research and performative arts to highlight the challenges faced by Pacific island nations.
Delegates at the SANORD conference in Malawi agreed to grow the organisation to welcome new member countries and universities.
We at the University of Bergen wish everyone a Merry and Peaceful Christmas!
China has huge social challenges that will only increase in the years to come. The proportions differ significantly from those in established welfare state societies, according to UiB Professor Stein Kuhnle.
Eleven Bergen-based research projects are to receive funding through the Research Council of Norway’s FRIPRO scheme. Eight of these projects are at the University of Bergen.
Michal Pilipczuk at UiB’s Department of Informatics has solved a 20 year old mathematical riddle. His work can help computers to make better choices.
What will happen to the Greenland Ice Sheet if the Arctic sea ice covers disappears? To answer this question, researchers at the University of Bergen and Uni Research are to receive between NOK 50 and 60 million from the European Research Council (ERC) over a five year period.
In late November 2013, the coordinators from Makerere University and UiB met in Bergen to kick-start the process towards a new frame agreement.
In the Nineteenth century the University Museum of Bergen had its own assembly hall. Now the work to create a new grand venue for Bergen is in progress.
The European Commission’s head of research believes the University of Bergen is in its best position ever to succeed with its applications for EU research funding.
In early December, UiB researchers attended SANORD’s fourth biennial international conference in Malawi to strengthen the university’s ties to southern Africa.
Monday 6 January the University of Bergen (UiB) will be welcoming our new international students to Bergen and the university.
When the Norwegian Constitution was adopted in 1814 it represented a dramatic break from the absolute monarchy and aristocratic privilege of the past.