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Since its inception in 2001, Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research has provided state of the art products for the oil industry.
Night shift workers and daytime workers in the offshore oil industry report similar sleep problems after a two-week work period, according to a Norwegian study.
The French academic Bruno Latour received the Holberg Prize for 2013 at a ceremony in Håkonshallen in Bergen on Wednesday 5 June.
Is it your own innate taste or what you have been taught that decides if you like a work of art? Both, according to an Australian-Norwegian research team.
How can healthy people who hear voices help schizophrenics? Finding the answer for this is at the centre of research conducted at the University of Bergen.
Geologists in Norway are using flying drones with cameras to hunt for oil.
Norway’s revised national budget includes funding for the new assembly hall at the University of Bergen. – This is an historic day for all of Western Norway, says Rector Sigmund Grønmo.
More and more cruise ships visit the fjords of Western Norway. But cruise tourists only spend a fraction of what other tourists spend.
Professor Dag Rune Olsen will be the new rector at the University of Bergen from 1 August 2013.
– The reason many spouses of early retirees apply for disability pensions is probably that the couples want to spend more time together, says Professor Kjell Vaage.
With an increased interest in the natural resources of the Arctic, geologists are increasingly drawn to research on the archipelago of Svalbard.
A new research centre aims to find the causes for schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.
Major oil discoveries in North Dakota are creating problems in the sparsely populated American state. Now a UiB project formulates solutions to the problems.
The marine animal tunicate can be used both as biofuel and fish food, according to prize-winning research at UiB and Uni Research.
The French sociologist and anthropologist Bruno Latour is the winner of the Holberg Prize for 2013. Ingvild Almås from NHH’s Department of Economics wins the Nils Klim Prize for young researchers.
Rector Sigmund Grønmo signed a new collaboration agreement with the Armauer Hansen Research Institute and bolstered relations with Addis Ababa University on a visit to the Ethiopian capital.
Birkeland Centre for Space Science is one of UiB’s new Centres of Excellence. The centre opened on 7 March 2013.
A delegation from UiB headed by Rector Sigmund Grønmo visited Makerere University to celebrate 25 years of collaboration between the two universities.