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So far, the tobacco plant has done more harm than good. But in the future, the plant may be used as part of a life-saving vaccine.
Parents are both part of the solution and part of the problem when a child suffers from mental health problems.
A research group at the Sars Centre in Bergen has shed new light on the evolutionary origin of the head.
The University Museum of Bergen’s new director, Henrik von Achen, has a background in religious art. That may explain why he views the work of the University Museum as a trinity.
Smartphones offer a wealth of possibilities for psychological research. A new study shows that an iPhone app yields as reliable results as laboratory tests.
A research project looking at how to achieve more equal health distribution on a global basis has received a grant from Worldwide Universities Network.
The sixth Bergen Summer Research School will focus on food as a global development challenge.
A three-year old child is at increased risk of emotional problems if its father had mental health issues during the pregnancy.
Professor Terje Tvedt has studied the River Nile for 30 years. His extensive research reaches its conclusion in an epic book that has been lauded by Norwegian critics.
Women accounted for 53 per cent of the PhDs at the University of Bergen last year.
At the new Service centre for International Mobility at UiB staff will be on hand to help non-Norwegian staff with relocation issues. The centre is now open.
Creating transdisciplinary dialogue between academia and experts from outside will help in the work to achieve the United Nation’s millennium development goals.
When the diagnostic thresholds are lowered, being normal ends up being as unachievable as the supermodel on the catwalk, according to Lars Fredrik Svendsen, who is a professor of philosophy at the University of Bergen.
Deep down, the founder of modern weather forecasting, Vilhelm Bjerknes, would have preferred to work on theoretical physics.Until he got funding for weather research, that is.
Norwegian nature and the unique character of Bergen are the main pulls for international students who study at UiB.
Your Christmas tree may be adorned with lights and glitter. But 25,000 insects, mites, and spiders are sound asleep inside the tree.
The Eurasian eagle owl is the symbol of the University of Bergen. It represents wisdom and knowledge. Now, this most dangerous of predators is itself threatened with extinction.
The University of Bergen establishes a new Bachelor programme in Chinese and makes changes to ease the academic progress for Psychology students.