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Over the last 30 years, University of Bergen researchers have increasingly been working with colleagues in the EU when publishing in scientific publications.
– I will not touch your wallets, Silvio Berlusconi promised the Italian people. Marco Gargiulo believes that the political rhetoric in Italy has become shallow and simplistic.
– To play, perform and teach anything of value, you have to be present in the moment, Bud Beyer says. He is one of the world’s premier drama instructors and was a guest at UiB.
The Christie Prize is awarded annually to someone who has worked to strengthen the ties between academia and civil society. The nomination process for the Christie Prize 2012 is now open.
The Norwegian Cancer Society has granted 147.7 million Norwegian kroner to cancer research. Of this, 25.5 million was awarded to researchers at the University of Bergen
Conservative Christians and laws stuck in the colonial era have combined to offer a lethal blow to Uganda’s gay community.
A UiB research project into diabetes and obesity has received a grant of 17.6 million Norwegian kroner from the European Research Council.
The Research Council of Norway has allocated 400 million Norwegian kroner to research equipment. The University of Bergen receives 75 million of this to invest in two major databases for linguistics and biology.
For years there has been no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome. But new research in Bergen gives hope to sufferers of the disease.
The conference ”Literature and Chemistry: Elective Affinities” is the point were the classic arts of writing and alchemy meet in a modern scientific context.
This month Grace Ndeezi from Uganda will defend the first joint PhD from Makerere University and the University of Bergen.
Archaeologists from the University of Bergen have made discoveries in South Africa that represent a turning point in human evolution.
John Pilger has been a pain in the arse of Australian, American and European authorities for decades. He speaks at a public lecture in Bergen on Thursday October 13.
Elaine Scarry believes that nuclear weapons are an invisible threat that we ignore at our peril.
Despite slipping a few places, the University of Bergen kept its position amongst the world’s 200 leading universities in this year’s Times Higher Education rankings.
Can parachuting help people with a gambling addiction? New research shows that extreme sport athletes have quite a lot in common with gamblers.
For the next two weeks social anthropologist Vigdis Broch-Due is guest essayist at renowned website On The Human.
In April 2011 the board of the University of Bergen adopted the university’s strategy for the next four years. Amongst the goals is an even stronger international presence.