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Comparative politics associate professor Johanna Söderström's study of state building was inspired by experiences in Africa.
“It is going to be interesting to look at tools for achieving greater political diversity,” says Jana Birke Belschner.
Comparative politics professor Michaël Tatham reveals new insights into decisions on the European recovery.
In a new work, comparative politics scholar Hakan Sicakkan shines light on the European public sphere.
UiB event celebrates recipients of 2016 Bergen Research Foundation prize
New UiB digital-research laboratory makes its debut
Comparative politics professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten finds fossil-fuel workers support renewable energy while opposing constraints on oil and gas.
UiB Global and CROP launch working paper series on global challenges.
Hans Tanks auditorium at Amalie Skram high school was packed with interested and engaged students at Vg3 when Associate Professor of Comparative Politics Michael Alvarez lectured about democracy and American politics for the students of Amalie Skram on Monday.
On Tuesday October 25th, The Assistant Director of NAV Hordaland, Tommy Johansen, gave a presentation for students in the course SAMPOL216 ‘Labour market policies in comparative perspective’.
In his new book, Professor Michaël Tatham explores how states and their sub-state regions cooperate (and sometimes clash) in the EU
One of the world’s leading judicial scholars has joined the University of Bergen as a visiting professor.
Marks and Hooghe built their lecture on Rokkan’s profound analysis of peripheral community. They discussed how distance, difference and dependence of territorial communities endure within a state.
- Understanding Representational and Policy-Making Challenges in Multi-Jurisdictional Polities.
Elin Monstad and Aaron Spitzer are newly appointed PhD candidates at the Department of Comparative Politics.
The latest edition of the Journal Civil Wars is a special issue edited by Gyda Marås Sindre and Johanna Söderström.
Professor Stein Kuhnle is among the chief editors of the China National Human Development Report 2016: Social Innovation for Inclusive Human Development.