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Lars Skov Henriksen, professor at Aalborg University, visited the Department of Comparative Politics on Wednesday. His talk about Scandinavian civil society was very popular and well attended by the academic staff.
Given the opportunity, students exchanged the traditional written essay with lectures on the Boer's of South Africa, radio casts on LGBT rights and a road movie on political participation in the small island municipality of Utsira.
One million children of Erasmus couples and the Oslo embassy's trainee programme were among the subjects of EU ambassador Helen Campbell's guest lecture on Wednesday.
The SNoW 2016 Workshop invites papers on family-work relations and related social policies and welfare institutions in China and the Nordic countries.
The Meltzer Research Fund has awarded Professor Michaël Tatham the Meltzer prize for young researchers.
Professor Stein Kuhnle has a comment titled "The dilemma of more taxes for better welfare" on print in China Daily's edition on March 2nd.
In an article published in the latest edition of Scandinavian Political Studies, Jon Kåre Skiple and Gunnar Grenstad et al. analyze the behaviour of Norwegian Supreme Court Justices in economic cases in the period 1963 - 2012.
Safe and legal abortion, access to health services for non-heterosexuals, HIV transmission. Focusing on political determinants on sexual and reproductive health, professor Siri Gloppen is getting ready to hire a new post-doc to the Department of Comparative Politics.
In the latest edition of Journal of European Public Policy, read Georg Picot’s latest published article on «Globalization and healthcare policy: a constraint on growing expenditures»
Hakan G. Sicakkan member of international research group that receives funding for research initiative on hidden migration in the context of global economic, social and political transformations.
As Yvette Peters and Sander Ensink were awarded the Gordon Smith and Vincent Wright memorial prize for yesteryears article on differential responsiveness, a new article by Peters on party membership was published in the European Journal of Political Research.
The research project «MONEY TALKS: Gendered Electoral Financing in Democratic and Democratizing States» recieves funding from The Norwegian Research Council
Political parties in Western Europe have changed. Yvette Peters analyses the consequences of a changing demos in a chapter of a book honouring Peter Mair.
Students, academics and - not so common - justices of the Supreme Court of Norway filled the brand new University Aula when prof. Lee Epstein held this years Stein Rokkan Memorial Lecture.
26 BA candidates of Comparative Politics and European Studies were handed their diplomas by vice dean Knut Hidle and head of department Gunnar Grendstad.
The last edition of China Social Welfare is dedicated to the welfare politics conference organised by the Sino-Nordic Welfare Research Network (SNOW) in Beijing in June.
Welfare states, labour markets, political parties and comparative political economy is the focus for Georg Picot, as the Department of Comparative Politics welcomes him to the academic staff as associate professor.
A post-doc. and a freshly appointed professor has yesteryears highest publishing scores at the Department of Comparative Politics. One of them was the seventh most publishing academic at the University of Bergen.