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Professor Stein Kuhnle and co-editors Pauli Kettunen og Yuan Ren presented the new Chinese-language book «Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic Countries» at the Nordic Centre, Fudan, on June 6th.
PhD student Svein-Erik Hansen Helle says to newspaper Trønder-Avisa that authoritarian regimes try to give the impression that decisions are made through thorough democratic processes.
Associate Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten says to newspaper Klassekampen that EU sceptics of all hues did well in the EU elections, with a few exceptions.
The second round of the Norwegian Citizen Panel recently ended, and a lucky participant has now won a 25 000 kroner travel voucher.
Professor Jonas Linde says to local newspaper Sunnhordaland that politicians often underestimate the importance of having the right contacts. A recent survey done by the newspaper shows that less than half of the elected politicians in the municipality of Stord believes knowing the right people matters for influencing political outcomes there.
The Department of Comparative Politics is now a partner in PluriCourts - The Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order, a Centre of Research Excellence at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.
Associate Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten of the Department of Comparative Politics represents the University of Bergen in a new international research project on populist communication. The project is supported by the prestigious COST Action EU program.
China-expert Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr writes in an op-ed in Aftenposten that Norway needs good relations with a China on the rise, and that it therefore makes sense for the Norwegian government not to meet with the Dalai Lama now.
Professor Gunnar Grendstad argues in an op-ed in Klassekampen that the government’s and the Supreme Court’s involvement in the selection of justices could be problematic with respect to the separation of powers and democracy. He notes that some therefore have favored involving the Norwegian parliament more in the selection process.
Associate Professor Michaël Tatham does research on the role of regions in the EU system. This spring the prolific researcher has published seven new articles in the field.
According to Professor Tor Midtbø of the Department of Comparative Politics, journalists have become more interested in the political game and what happens offstage, and this leads to more political scandals. Midtbø was recently interviewed by newspaper Mandag Morgen about a new Nordic research project on political scandals in which he is engaged.
Professor Stein Kuhnle of the Department of Comparative Politics collaborates with Norwegian, Finnish, American and Russian partners on a new research project on welfare reform in Russia. The project is led by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research.
The TV2 News Channel and The Royal Norwegian Naval Academy are among those asking for the Ukraine expertise of Associate Professor Terje Knutsen. During the tense situation in Ukraine Norwegian media have frequently asked for the Eastern Europe expert’s assessment.
The Ukraine crisis, the free trade agreement between the EU and the US and the EU’s relations with Norway were among the topics the EU’s ambassador to Norway Helen Campbell spoke about in her visit to the Department of Comparative Politics April 4th.
Professor Stein Kuhnle is the co-editor of a new book on work-life balance in Europe and China. Together with Norwegian and Chinese colleagues he discusses how China can learn from the experiences of European welfare states.
Professor Frank Aarebrot was recently honored for his TV-lecture on Norwegian history by Rector Dag Rune Olsen of the University of Bergen. Professor Aarebrot’s popularizing of academic knowledge has been widely praised in the weeks ensuing the live-TV lecture.
The annual Stein Rokkan Memorial Lecture was held 24 October. Professor Donatella della Porta, Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute, Italy gave the lecture The reemergence of a class cleavage? Social movements in times of austerity. Professor Donatella della Porta is a prominent scientist in the field of social movements.
A delegation from the Department of Comparative Politics visited Shanghai in April. The program consisted of a workshop at Fudan University and signing a new agreement with East China Normal University.