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TB Group Members

Tehmina Mustafa, Professor, Consultant Pulmonologist is the Group Leader.

Interview by data collectors
Interview by the data collectors of one of the study participant in our project on TB diagnostics at Gulab Devi Chest Hospital, Pakistan.
Tehmina Mustafa

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Core scientific staff:

Tehmina Mustafa, Professor, Consultant Pulmonologist

Sven Gudmund Hinderaker, Professor

Associated scientific staff:

Lisbet Sviland, Professor, Consultant Pathologist.

Silke Appel, Professor, Immunology

Lars Helgeland, Associate Professor, Consultant Pathologist.

Kurt Hanevik, Associate professor, Infectious diseases specialist.

Melissa Jørstad, post-doc / Physician 

Associated PhD Candidates

Ida Marie Hoel, Doctoral fellow / Physician (TM)

Erlend Grønningen, Doctoral fellow / Physician (TM)

Maryam Riaz, Doctoral fellow (TM)

Sabira Tahseen, Doctoral fellow/ Head of the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory, Pakistan (TM)

Shoaib Hassan, Doctoral fellow (TM)

Atiqa Ambreen, Doctoral fellow / Microbiologist at GD Hospital, Pakistan (TM)

Ole Magnus Bjorgaas Helle (TM)

Ahmad Wali Doctoral fellow (TM)

Aashifa Yaqoob (SGH)            

Mahboob ul Haq (SGH)      

Abiot Bezabeh (SGH)         

Associated Master Candidates

Shizza Khalid, Master degree candidate (TM)

Rut Elisabet Hovden Hanstveit, Master degree candidate (TM)

Varun Kumar Vijayakumar, Master degree candidate (TM)

Biplob Kumar Mohanty, Master degree candidate (TM)

Beatrice Normann, Master degree candidate (TM)

Robert N.Foncha, Master degree candidate (SGH) 

Prince C.Nnadozi, Master degree candidate (SGH)