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The Chinese are not content with economic growth alone. To create the perfect society they now want to learn how to improve their quality of life too.
The new academic year will start with a formal ceremony in Muséplass on Tuesday 16 August.
Mahmoud Suliman Bashir’s love for the weapons and ornaments of the Iron Age made him one of the stars of the BBC series “Lost Kingdoms of Africa”.
When the neurologist William Howlett could not find textbooks of medicine his students in Tanzania could recognise themselves in, he decided to write his own.
One of the new features at this year’s Bergen Summer Research School was a micro film festival that became a huge success with the participants.
Climate change in Asia is the latest focus area for researchers at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.
It was an emotional farewell for students and lecturers alike as this year’s Bergen Summer Research School came to an end last Friday.