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The University of Bergen has received words of sympathy from friends and partners from all over the world after the terror of 22 July.
Aurora Martinez has been developing a new genetic disease drug. Now she and her team have received a generous grant and are hoping to start their own company.
Friday 26 August sees the Doctor Promotion at the University of Bergen. 123 new PhDs are to be honoured in a ceremony in Håkonshallen.
Researchers can identify dyslexic children at a young age by using a simple questionnaire. This allows for earlier and better treatment.
– You are a continuation of the academic fellowship that has been progressing for centuries, Rector Sigmund Grønmo told the new students at the start of the academic year.
More than 500 international students arrived in Bergen last week to start or continue their studies at the University of Bergen.
”Nye høyder: Discover Campus” is an architectural guide offering an opportunity to discover the secret world of the University of Bergen’s buildings – haunted or not.
– If we are to fight poverty, we need to communicate more clearly through the media and to get across that poverty is a human rights issue, says Alberto Cimadamore.
The opening of the academic year at the University of Bergen will highlight the solidarity, grief and compassion after the terrorist attacks on 22 July.
How polar explorers deal psychologically with their challenge has gathered far less attention than their physical ordeal.