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The marine animal tunicate can be used both as biofuel and fish food, according to prize-winning research at UiB and Uni Research.
The French sociologist and anthropologist Bruno Latour is the winner of the Holberg Prize for 2013. Ingvild Almås from NHH’s Department of Economics wins the Nils Klim Prize for young researchers.
Rector Sigmund Grønmo signed a new collaboration agreement with the Armauer Hansen Research Institute and bolstered relations with Addis Ababa University on a visit to the Ethiopian capital.
Birkeland Centre for Space Science is one of UiB’s new Centres of Excellence. The centre opened on 7 March 2013.
A delegation from UiB headed by Rector Sigmund Grønmo visited Makerere University to celebrate 25 years of collaboration between the two universities.