Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS)

SEAS fellows

The SEAS Programme is growing fast!

SEAS fellows at sea
SEAS fellows all at sea - on our first official group meeting, June 2022
E. Farmer

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The SEAS Programme is growing - we'll be jumping from 12 fellows to 37 this year - exciting times!

The first fellows from Call 2 have just joined us - with many more arriving over the course of the summer and autumn.

Virginie Comorge 

Salmon louse biology and immunemodulation, Department of Biological Sciences

Thomas Völker

STS research on responsible and circular aquaculture, Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities

Håkon Sandven

Marine optics, Department of Physics and Technology

Gillian Damerell

Air-sea interactions, Geophysical Institute


Call 1 Fellows:

Samaneh Abolpour Mofrad

Topological and geometric machine learning for marine sustainability, Department of Informatics

Juan Manuel Valero Rodríguez

Coastal ecology, Department of Biological Sciences

Aistė Klimašauskaitė

Epistemic, value-based, and societal aspects of marine sustainability, Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities

Paul Dees

Marine biogeochemical hazards, Geophysical Institute

João Bettencourt 

Physical fjord oceanography, Geophysical Institute

Eduard Nedelciu

System dynamics and ocean-human interactions, Department of Geography

Bashar Hussien Elkhorbatly

Mathematical and statistical methods for marine sustainability, Department of Mathematics

Nazar Mohamed

Marine aspects related to human health, Department of Clinical Medicine

Asia Alsgaard

Early human marine subsistence in South Africa, SapienCE Centre of Excellence on Early Sapiens Behaviour (Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion) 

Mauro Passarella

Deep-sea mineral resources, Department of Earth Science

Daniel Koestner

Optical ocean technology, Department of Physics and Technology

Diego Rodriguez Hernandez

Marine natural product chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Shreesha Sadashiva Rao

Fish immunology, Department of Biological Sciences