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Ida Wiig Sørensen defended 12.02.15 her PhD thesis «Molecular Characterisation of Integrin a 11 Function» at the University of Bergen.
Medication that inhibit AXL effect is developed as pills and now in clinical trials.
Filosofisk Poliklinikk - "The Philosophical Polyclinic" - a Norwegian think-tank for medical philosophy - featured CCBIO Director Lars Akslen in their public meeting in Bergen on the 4th February. The meeting was one of a series of four on challenges of health prioritization.
The first week of the PhD course 'CCBIO903: Cancer research: Ethical, economic and social aspects' was held from the 19th to the 22nd January.
The Helse Vest Strategic Program has granted 15 mill NOK to CCBIO in collaboration with Helse Bergen and Helse Stavanger for the project “Personalized cancer therapy – biomarkers in clinical trials” (2015-2019). CCBIO recently also received funding for several individual projects: two with funding from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and three Helse Vest grants from Samarbeidsorganet.
The CCBIO Research School's new PhD course on the Ethical, Economic and Social Aspects of Cancer Research, CCBIO 903, is open for enlistment.
5 of CCBIO's Principal Investigators received recently 9 million NOK in total from the Norwegian Cancer Society.
The TRANSCAN program (European Research Area Network on Translational Cancer Research) has just announced their allocation of funding.
Invited by Marion and Donald Gullberg, the renowned cancer researcher and science celebrity Zena Werb visited Bergen this week and held a combined BBB & CCBIO seminar on October 2, 2014.
The big tent at the Research Fair was buzzing of people at Festplassen in Bergen Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of September, during the Research Festival 2014.
The Opening Symposium on May 30-31, 2013 (1st CCBIO Symposium) was a success with more than 250 participants.
The CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies was officially opened Thursday 11. September.
The Norwegian Cancer Society supports CCBIO project with NOK 7 million.
We congratulate CCBIO associate Agnete Engelsen with the faculty award for best PhD dissertation!
We congratulate CCBIO's associate Camilla Krakstad with the award!
The Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) hosted June 11th its first Junior Scientist Symposium, and the second took place August 28th. There has been a great interest.
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