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The stated goal of Criminal Law is to punish the offender. But it is unfortunate that we know so little about the origins and workings of this piece of legislation.
Never before have so many doctorates been awarded at the University of Bergen. The number of international doctorates is also higher than ever before.
Thanks to MedViz research, the chances of discovering diseases early are improving. This month MedViz welcomes guests to its 6th annual conference in Bergen.
Since 1980, the sleeping habits of Norwegians have gotten worse. The Norwegians may sleep as much as they used to, but the overall sleep pattern has shifted.
Every year close to 1,000 new international students arrive in Bergen. Most arrive in the autumn, but about 250 arrive for the spring semester. Meet some of them in this video.
The Norwegian legal system is currently going through greater changes than at almost any other time in history.
So-called Restorative Justice solves many crime investigations involving children and young adults. A new bill now proposes use of Restorative Justice also in more severe cases in the future.
Now in its fifth year, Bergen Summer Research School will this time focus on transnational migration. The application deadline is 15 February.
When it comes down to the Law, Norwegians are more concerned with the common good than their fellow Europeans. But are Norwegians about to become as focused on their rights as the rest of Europe?