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A new integrated Master’s degree programme at the University of Bergen combines a traditional biology education with finance and entrepreneurship. The programme is unique to Norway.
Patients with diabetes often have poor oral health. Hasaan Mohamed is the first researcher to investigate this connection among diabetes patients in Sudan.
Cruise tourists are not influenced by extended shopping opportunities. They spend very little money during the port of call even when they are offered an increased number of spending options.
Every day, 6,300 people die as a result of work accidents or work-related diseases. A new online course from UiB seeks to prevent workers from injuries and death.
A group of professors at the University of Bergen (UiB) have been granted seed money from the Southern African-Nordic Centre (SANORD). They want to study the differences and similarities in higher education in Norway and South Africa.
What is the real nature of viruses? This is a central question for the University of Bergen researchers who have received multimillion funding for the research project Virus-X.
Associate Professor Christian Jørgensen’s creative approach to communicating science is lauded. The Centre for Academic Writing receives award for its improvement of education methods.
Amani Thomas has proved that a new and more effective antimalarial medicine can save 360,000 more children from malaria each year in his home country Tanzania.
Arnt Skjefstad has tidied up established truths within tort law, hoping that in the future we can ask the right questions.
A selection of the excellent research conducted at the University of Bergen in the past twelve months.
Four UiB scientists recently received over 80 million NOK from Bergen Research Foundation and the University of Bergen, making world class research possible.