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Skills and competence development for experienced researchers

Experienced scientific staff at the University of Bergen have several opportunities for developing their skills and making use of existing courses in order to further develop their competence and expertise.

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The University of Bergen wishes to safeguard the welfare and promote the professional development of its scientific staff. Here you will existing offers available at UiB. 

Development programme 

Momentum is UiB's career development program for outstanding early stage researchers - postdoctoral fellows, researchers or associate professors pursuing an academic career at a researh university. 

Programme for early stage researchers
The psychology departments at the University of Bergen, the University of Tromsø, the NTNU and the University of Oslo have joined forces to create a leadership development programme for early stage researchers. This programme is open applicants from the Faculty of Psychology at the UiB.

UiB Institute Leaders Management Programme
This programme offers professional development for institute, department and centre managers at UiB.

TMS UiB Career Program
The purpose of the career program is to give extra value and support to the TMS Starting Grant holders, to build their career as researchers at the University of Bergen.

External funding of research and innovation 

If you are applying for external funding for research and innovation projects you should contact the research advisor at your faculty/institute/centre in the first instance, and well in advance of the application deadline. Your research advisor will involve other parts of the support apparatus at UiB as needed. 

Experienced advisers at the Division of Research and Innovation can support you with queries and applications relating to the following national and international funding instruments: 

Please contact UiB's sitt Brussels office or UiB's LCP team for more information on opportunities for EU funding, ERC , Marie S. Curie Program..

Travel, project grants and prizes

The Meltzer Research Fund 

The Meltzer Research Fund's support for scientific trips and research terms. 

THe Meltzer Research Fund's prize for excellence in the presentation of research is awarded annually. 


This is a strategic programme for research collaboration designed to support UiB's strategy. Applications can be sumbitted for funds to support project applications and for guest researchers funds. 

Funds and endowments

Would you like to develop a project to reduce UiB's climate footprint? Apply for funds from UiB's Climate Fund!

Open Science, research ethics and GDPR

Open Science is important for knowledge development, for ensuring the integrity of research and for increasing the availability of research. The research process can become more efficient by increasing collaboration on and the reuse of data, methods and processes. At the same time, access to underlying data and methods will make it easier to test and reproduce research results and thus boost confidence in the research concerned. Researchers, institutions, the authorities, funders, businesses and the general public are all stakeholders in Open Science. Please contact the University Library in order to find out what this means for you and your project. You will find more information in the Library on research data, publishing and current courses on the subject.  

If your research project contains personal data, you must familiarise yourself with the requirements that relate to the processing of such. The UIB's Privacy Portal contains useful information about this. It also provides information about RETTE, the UIB's system which provides details about processing and controlling personal data in respect of research and student projects. This system should also contain details about and control assignments and projects relating to the quality assurance of patient treatment and tuition, as well as projects relating to learning analysis.  

Mitt UiB has an online course on the processing of personal data in respect of medical and health research

Career plan for permanent scientific employees 

Your career:

Promotion to professorial positions

Personal promotion to a professorial position based on competence is addressed in the Ministry of Education and Research's "Regulations relating to Changes to the Regulations concerning Appointments and Promotions to Teaching and Research Positions" dated 23.7.2010. UiBs faculties have adopted their own guidelines in order to more clearly define the general guidance contained in the Ministry of Education and Research’s Regulations, and have their own guidance for applicants:

Research terms

All permanent employees in scientific positions are entitled to a one-year research period after 6 years of service, or to a half – year period after 3 years of service (subject to certain terms). Faculties organise and administer this individiually. 

Merit scheme for outstanding tutors at UiB

At the University of Bergen, individual teachers and/or teaching environments that have worked over time to improve the quality of tuition, and who have specific plans for how teaching work should be developed, can apply for the status of outstanding tutor or outstanding tuition environment. Read more about the merit scheme for outstanding tutors here.

If you support others:


Guidance for supervisors 

At the University of Bergen, the Programme for University Pedagogy offers training courses for employees and PhD candidates. Several faculties also offer separate tuition for PhD supervisors:


Presentation and research communication

Arena for Research Communication 

The Arena for Research Communication is a meeting place between academia and society where the research conducted at the University of Bergen is presented at the University Museum of Bergen, Museum of Natural History. Several presentation formats are used by the Arena for Research Communication in order to facilitate dialogue about the UIB's various research projects and to provide insight into the type of knowledge presented to society by a university. We present and communicate material from research groups, projects, clusters, departments, centres and individual researchers. The Arena opens new exhibitions three times each year featuring the latest research conducted by the UiB’s academics.

Find a researcher!

Can people who require your expertise find you? You can present your expertise on this page. Please contact your faculty's communications advisor if you would like to be more visible.  

Norwegian National Science Week

Norwegian National Science Week is an annual, national festival held under the auspices of the Norwegian Research Council. In Bergen, this festival is held as a collaborative venture between the city's key research and educational institutions to which the UiB is the largest contributor. Norwegian National Science Days is a great opportunity to reach out to a wide audience and make your research better known - locally, regionally and nationally. 


Support for project development and operation

If you are planning a larger project application or operate a centre or large project, UiB’s faculties offer a variety of courses and workshops, in collaboration with relevant administrative divisions. You can find a list of offers and opportunities here. Please contact your local research advisor to explore find out more.  

Guidelines for researchers 

Policy for the employment of researchers on 1108, 1109 and 1183 contracts

1. Use of research positions

Researcher employment contracts 1108, 1109 and 1183 are used to hire researchers for externally funded research projects.

2. Duties in research positions 

As a general rule, compulsory duties in research positions should relate exclusively to research tasks, but it may also be relevant, in order to train the researcher concerned, for them to undertake other duties that are of direct relevance to the research project. Nevertheless, the specific definition of the duties of the position will depend on the project with which the researcher is affiliated.

Any teaching and supervisory duties must be related to the research project. Researchers should not have module or course responsibilities.  

3. Qualification requirements

Candidates for research positions are assessed with regard to their academic qualifications, presentation work and any other relevant qualifications. When advertising research positions, the University of Bergen’s template advertising texts must be used.

The position of (Senior) Researcher 1183 requires research-related professorial expertise, 1109 requires a doctorate and 1108 requires university education at master’s degree level or equivalent.

Applications for individual promotion, subject to expertise, may be submitted in accordance with the rules for promotion to Researcher 1109 in government organisations, and the rules for promotion to Researcher 1183.

4. Promotion to 1183

UiB is establishing a work group to draw up separate guidelines for promotion to 1183.

5. Appointment procedures

When employing new staff to research positions, standard procedures for advertising/exemptions from advertising, expert assessments, recommendations and appointments that apply to the level of the position concerned at the University of Bergen also apply, but should be adapted to accommodate the duties of the research position.

Researchers working on externally funded projects with a duration of more than two years shall be permanently employed.

6. Interim funding

The University of Bergen should establish an interim funding solution to secure funding in the event of gaps of one to three months between funding expiring and funding being granted for permanent researchers.

The policy relating to research positions 1108, 1109 og 1183 shall be continued. 

7. Follow-up of researchers

Career development should be discussed at annual appraisal interviews and a career development plan should be drawn up. A plan for application writing and funding must be discussed, as well as the rights and duties of the researcher and employer. Emphasis should be placed on activities and expected results and a plan for skills development and career development should be discussed and drawn up. 

8. Redundancies and termination

Procedures for managing redundancies in externally funded positions have been established at the University of Bergen. Before termination can be considered, the employer must investigate whether any other suitable positions are available at the University of Bergen, pursuant to the Norwegian Civil Servants Act. All departments and institutes must manage their project portfolios and manpower requirements comprehensively and attempts should also be made to meet manpower requirements across individual projects. The risk of termination can be further mitigated by advertising for and recruiting researchers with broader scientific expertise and by researchers and academic management having an active obligation to acquire new externally funded research projects. The University of Bergen’s procedures establish a process that starts twelve months before funding expires. This will help to ensure that termination is a last resort.