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Overview of Phd dissertations from the Institute for Physics and Technology

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Katie Herlingshaw
Characterising Mesoscale Fast Flow Channels in the Polar Cap Ionosphere
Advisors: Lisa Baddeley (UNIS), Kjellmar Oksavik, Dag Arne Lorentzen (UNIS)

Ola Slettevoll Grøttvik
Design and Implementation of a High-Speed Readout and Control System for a Digital Tracking Calorimeter for Proton CT
Advisors: Kjetil Ullaland, Dieter Röhrich

Vegard Gjerde
Integrating Cognitive Learning Strategies into Physics Instruction
Advisors: Stein Dankert Kolstø, Matthias Stadler (Kjemisk institutt)

Juri Selvåg
Molecular simulations for surfactants at aqueous-nonpolar liquid interfaces
Advisors: Tatiana Kuznetsova, Bjørn Kvamme

Carolina Maiorana
Geographical Characteristics and Meteorological Environment of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes
Advisors: Martino Marisaldi, Nikolai Østgaard

Fasil Kebede
Energetic electron precipitation of pulsating aurorae and their mesospheric effects
Advisors: Noora Partamies (UNIS), Hilde Nesse Tyssøy


Jarle Rambo Sølie
A Monte Carlo Simulation Framework for Performance Evaluation of a Proton Imaging System Without Front Trackers
Advisors: Ilker Meric, HpV (main advisor), Dieter Röhrich, Odd Harald Odland

Tore Lyngås Føyen
CO2 Foam Using Non-ionic Surfactants
Advisors: Arne Graue (main advisor), Bergit Brattekås, Martin Fernø, Torleif Holt (Sintef)

Lucas Altenkämper
J/psi-Hadron Correlations in Proton-Proton Collisions at 13 TeV with ALICE
Advisors: Dieter Röhrich (main advisor), Ionut Arsene (UiO) and Fiorella Fionda (UiB)

Andreas Tefre Samnøy
Characterization and Application of 3D Silicon Microdosimeters
Advisors: Dieter Röhrich (main advisor), Kristian Ytre-Hauge, Kjetil Ullaland

Nikolai Fomin
Search for Pair Production of Bottom-Squarks in Final States with Hadronically Decaying Tau-leptons, b-jets and missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider
Advisors: Anna Lipniacka (main advisor), Bertrand Martin dit  Latour 

Tordis Johnsen DahleStudies of the Relative Biological Effectiveness and Biological Dose in Proton and Carbon Ion Therapy
Advisors: Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge (main advisor), Andrea Mairani (Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center & National Centre for Oncological Hadronotherapy), Camilla H. Stokkevåg (IFT/Haukeland University Hospital)

Stian AlmenningenMapping Gas Hydrate Dynamics in Porous Media: Experimental Studies of Gas Hydrates as a Source of CH4 and Sink for CO2
Advisors: Geir Ersland (main advisor), Martin Fernø, Per Fotland


Anders Ohma
How Asymmetries in Geospace Evolve During Increased Tail Reconnection
Advisor: Prof. Nikolai Østgaard, Birkeland Centre for Space Science

Eivind Rørvik
Analysis and Development of Phenomenological Models for the Relative Biological Effectiveness in Proton Therapy
Advisors: Drs. Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge (UiB), Sara Thörnqvist (Haukeland University Hospital) and Andrea Mairani (CNAO,Italia/ DKFZ,Germany)

Arild Velure
Design, Verification and Testing of a Digital Signal Processor for Particle Detectors
Advisors: Profs. Kjetil Ullaland and Dieter Röhrich

Nuozhen Gelsor
Solar radiation monitoring and solar energy potential on the Tibetan Plateau
Advisor: Prof. Børge Hamre

Arthur Uno Rognmo
CO2-Foams for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage
Advisor: Prof. Martin Fernø

Inga Strümke
Parameter Scans and Machine Learning for beyond Standard Model Physics
Advisor: Prof. Jörn Kersten

Murugesan Rasukkannu
Modelling and Simulation of materials for Photovoltaic applications
Advisor Prof. Dhayalan Velauthapillai


Mathias Sæther
Elastic wave velocities and attenuation under hydrate growth in Bentheim sandstone–Measurements and modeling
Advisor: Prof. Per Lunde

Annet Eva Zawedde
The Impact of Energetic Electron Precipitation on Mesospheric Hydroxyl radical
Advisor: Dr. Hilde Nesse Tyssøy

Sunniva Brudvik Fredriksen
The Use of CO2 Foam Mobility Control for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Associated CO2 Storage: A Multi-Scale Approach for Lab-to-Field Applications
Advisor: Prof. Martin Fernø

Zachary Paul Alcorn
Upscaling CO2 Foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage from Laboratory to Field Scale An Integrated Approach to Designing a Field Pilot Test
Advisor: Prof. Arne Graue

Ranveig Flatabø
Charged particle lithography for the fabrication of nanostructured optical elements
Advisor: Prof. Bodil Holst

Norah Kaggwa Kwagala
Thermally excited 630.0 nm emissions in the polar ionosphere
Advisor: Prof. Kjellmar Oksavik

Michaela Chovancova
Aspects of Electron Dynamics in Atoms Exposed to Single Cycle Electromagnetic Pulses
Advisor: Prof. Ladislav Kocbach

Jef Snoeys
Dust Explosions Protection research: practical engineering perspectives
Advisor: Prof. Bjørn Arntzen

Helge Egil Seime Pettersen
A Digital Tracking Calorimeter for Proton Computed Tomography
Advisor: Prof. Deiter Röhrich

Steffen Mæland
Pixel detector performance and study of CP invariance in H -> ττ decays with the ATLAS detector
Advisor: Prof. Bjarne Stugu

Vårin Renate Andvik Holm
Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Applications
Advisor: Prof. Bodil Holst

Helene Hisken Pedersen
Investigation of instability and turbulence effects on gas explosions: experiments and modelling
Advisor: Prof. Bjørn Arntzen

Alexander Broberg Skeltved
Evaluating production scenarios of terrestrial gamma-ray flashes
Advisor: Prof. Nikolai Østgaard, Birkeland Centre for Space Science

Stamatina Karakitsiou
Experimental and theoretical study of pressure-driven transport of gases in micro and nanopores
Advisor: Prof. Alex Hoffman


Beate Krøvel Humberset
Scale size-dependent characteristics of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system using auroral imaging
Advisors: Dr. Jesper Gjerloev (Johns Hopkins Inst., USA), Prof. Kjellmar Oksavik (UiB)

Torbjørn Taskjelle
The fate of sunlight in the ice-covered Arctic ocean
Advisors: Børge Hamre, UiB and Stephen R. Hudson, Norwegian Polar Institute ,Tromsø

Paul Tenfjord
Solar wind energy transfer and the asymmetric geospace
Advisor: Prof. Nikolai Østgaard, Birkeland Centre for Space Science

Khuram Baig
Nano til mikro skala-modellering av hydrat fase overgangs kinetikk
Grad: Phd
Advisor: Prof. Bjørn Kvamme

Sindre Velle
Detection of Rotation in Heavy-Ion Collisions
Advisors: Prof. Laszlo Csernai (UiB), Prof. Emeritus Jan S. Vaagen (UiB)

Per-Ivar Lønne
D0-electron correlations in p–Pb collisions at = 5.02 TeV
Advisors: Prof. Dieter Röhrich (UiB), Prof. Joakim Nystrand (UiB), Dr. Sedat Altınpınar

Kjetil Haukalid
Formation of gas hydrates studied by means of broad-band permittivity measurements
Advisors: Dr. Kjetil Folgerø (Christian Michelsen Research), Prof. Tanja Barth (UiB), Prof. Lars Egil Helseth (UiB)

Randi-Helene Halmøy
A Novel Approach to Modelling and Use of Real-Time Data in Production Optimisation

Nils Petter Hauan
Learning science in interactive exhibitions: frameworks for design and evaluation of material for exploratory learning experiences
Advisors: Prof. Stein Dankert Kolstø (UiB), Dr. Jennifer DeWitt, King's College, London


Bjørnar Jensen
Investigations into the impact of solid surfaces in aqueous systems
Advisors: Bjørn Kvamme and Tatiana Kuznetsova (UiB)

Marianne Steinsbø
Enhanced Oil Recovery by CO2 Injection in Fractured Reservoirs - Emphasis on Wettability and Water Saturation
Advisors: Arne Graue, Martin Fernø and Geir Ersland

Dennis Muyimbwa
Ground-based and Satellite Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Aerosols and Ultraviolet Solar Radiation
Advisors: Børge Hamre and Øyvind Frette

Jesper Tveit
A Nonlinear Differential Equation Solver With Potential Application to Pelton Turbines
Advisors: Alex Hoffmann, Arne Småbrekke, Laszlo Csernai and Jan Vaagen

Aleksander Skjerlie Simonsen
Simulation of atoms in superintense laser fields by solving the time-dependent Schrödinger equation
Advisors: Morten Førre and Jan Petter Hansen

Jone Peter Reistad
Mechanisms responsible for asymmetric aurora between the conjugate hemispheres
Advisors: Nikolai Østgaard and Kjellmar Oksavik, Birkeland Centre for Space Science

Yu-Fen Chang
Study of the flow in a hydrocyclone using positron emission particle tracking and computational fluid dynamics simulation
Advisors: Alex Hoffmann and Weming Peng

Ørjan Dale
Searching for Dark Matter with the ATLAS and CTA Experiments
Advisors: Heidi Sandaker and Anna Lipniacka

Jan Øye
Beyond the Standard Models: Supersymmetric Parameter Scans & Waves in Modified Gravity
Advisors: Heidi Sandaker, David Mota and Per Osland

Camilla Hanquist Stokkevåg
Model-based predictions of secondary cancer and late effect risks following particle therapy
Advisor: Ludvig Muren

Linn-Kristine Glesnes Ødegaard
Energetic particle precipitation into the middle atmosphere - optimization and application of the  NOAA POES MEPED data
Advisor: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy

Christer van der Meeren
Mesoscale ionospheric plasma irregularities and scintillation over Svalbard
Advisors: Kjellmar Oksavik and Dag Lorentzen, Birkeland Centre for Space Science

Idar Mestad
The bouncing ball bounced highest because it had a larger “bouncability”: Practical work and exploratory discourse activities in school science
Advisors: Stein Dankert Kolstø and Erik Knain

Anders Doksæter Sivle
Oh no, it’s raining! A study of how information in online weather reports is interpreted, integrated, and used in everyday decision-making by laypeople
Advisors: Stein Dankert Kolstø,  Pål J. Kirkeby Hansen and Jørn Kristiansen

Justas Zaliecka
Determination of the ratio of b-quark fragmentation fractions fs/fd and study of the Higgs boson production and couplings with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions  
Advisor: Gerald Eigen

Arne Skodvin Kristoffersen
Fluorescence lifetime measurements and imaging of microalgae under normal and stress conditions
Advisors: Øyvind Frette, Svein Rune Erga and Børge Hamre


Jarand Gauteplass
Pore-to-Core Laboratory Upscaling and Visualization of Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage
Advisors: Martin Fernø and Arne Graue

Bjørn Steen Sæthre
Interfacial free energies in gas-hydrate/fluid interfaces
Advisors: Alex Hoffmann and David van der Spoel

Angela Gligorova 
Utvikling og data analyse av en posisjonsdetektor for AEgIS (Antimaterie Eksperiment: gravitasjon, interferometri, spektroskopi) 
Advisors: Michael Doser, Cern and Heidi Sandaker

Mohammad Taghi Vafaei
Reactive transport modeling of hydrate phase transition dynamics in porous media
Advisors: Bjørn Kvamme and Tatiana Kuznetsova

Nematollah Zamani
Pore Scale Modeling of Polymer Flow Using the Navier-Stokes Approach
Advisors: Arne Skauge, Helge K. Dahle, Pawel Kosinski and Roland Kaufmann

Jordan Michael
Kinetic Modelling of Hydrate Formation, Dissociation, and Reformation”.
Advisors: Bjørn Kvamme and Tatiana Kuznetsova

Espen Storheim
Diffraction effects in the ultrasonic field of transmitting and receiving circular piezoceramic disks in radial mode vibration. FE modelling and comparison with measurements in air
Grad: Phd
Veiledere: Per Lunde and Magne Vestrheim

Lars Petter Øren Hauge
Laboratory Imaging of CO2 Flow and Storage in Hydrates and Saline Aquifers
Advisors: Geir Ersland and Arne Graue

Vijayshankar Asokan
Studies on the solid-state transformation and chemical modification reactions of carbon black nanoparticles
Advisor: Dorte Nørgaard Madsen

Andrii Sofiienko 
Radial X-ray backscatter imaging for well integrity inspections
Advisors: David M. Ponce, Geir Anton Johansen and Marie Bueie Holstad

Sara Sjöblom
Structure and Thermodynamics of Water and Solutes Adsorbed on Solid Surfaces
Grad: Phd
Veiledere: Tatiana Kuznetsova and Bjørn Kvamme

Øystein S.Haaland
Autonomic Operation of a Large High Performance On-Line Compute Cluster
Advisors: Dieter Röhrich and Håvard Helstrup

Ciren Nima   
Impact of water constituents on light absorption in Case 2 water
Advisors: Jakob Stamnes and Øyvind Frette


Magne Aanes
Interaction of piezoelectric transducer excited ultrasonic pulsed beams with a fluid-embedded viscoelastic plate 
Advisors: Per Lunde and Magne Vestrheim

Kyrre Skjerdal
Photoproduction of rho-0 and Two-photon Production of Lepton Pairs in Ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb Collisions at the CERN LHC
Advisors: Joakim Nystrand and Dieter Röhrich

Hege Austrheim
D0-electron correlations in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV
Advisors: Håvard Helstrup and Kristin Fanebust Hetland (Høgskolen in Bergen) and Dieter Röhrich, UiB

Ragnhild Schrøder Nisi
Constraining the source properties of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes
Advisors: Nikolai Østgaard and Jesper Gjerloev, Birkeland Centre for Space Science

Therese Berge Sjursen
Search for Supersymmetry with Tau Leptons in data from the ATLAS detector at the LHC
Advisors: Anna Lipniacka and Per Osland

Trygve Skjold
Flame propagation in dust clouds – numerical simulation and experimental investigation
Advisors: Rolf K. Eckhoff and Bjørn J. Arntzen

Bergit Brattekås
Conformance Control for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fractured Reservoirs
Advisor: Arne Graue and Martin A. Fernø (UiB) and Randall S. Seright, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Simen Eldevik
Measurement of non-linear acoustoelastic effect in steel using acoustic resonance
Advisors: Per Lunde, IFT, and Åge Andreas Falsnes Olsen – DNV GL

Khaled Jemai
Modeling Hydrate Phase Transitions in Porous Media Using a Reactive Transport Simulator 
Advisors: Bjørn Kvamme and Tatiana Kuznetsova

Øyvind Eide
CO2 Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Production Mechanisms in Fractured Reservoirs 
Grad: Phd
Advisors: Martin A. Fernø and Arne Graue

Alex Kastanas
Monitoring and Measurements with the ATLAS Inner Detector and Search for Supersymmetry using ATLAS data 
Advisors: Anna Lipniacka and Heidi Sandaker (UiB) and Pippa Wells (CERN)

Dujuan Wang
Rotation and Turbulence in Peripheral Heavy Ion Collisions
Advisors: Laszlo Csernai and Jan S. Vaagen 


Peter Lundgaard Rosendahl
Searching for the Higgs Boson in Pairs of Tau Leptons in Data from the ATLAS Experiment
Advisors: Bjarne Stugu and Anna Lipniacka

Alexander Vereshagin
Polarization-independent CP-violation in SUSY theories
Advisor: Per Osland

Yi-Chun Chen
UV and aerosol climatology based on simulations and measurements by satellites and ground stations
Advisors: Jakob J. Stamnes and Øyvind Frette

 Muhammad Qasim
Microscale modeling of natural gas hydrates in Reservoirs
Advisors: Bjørn Kvamme and Tatiana Kuznetsova

Bjarne Christian Hagen
Onset of smoldering and transition to flaming fire
Advisors: Bjørn J. Arntzen and Vidar Frette –Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund

Stian Astad Sørngård
The ionization dynamics of atoms and molecules exposed to short pulses
Advisors: Morten Førre and Jan Petter Hansen

Ina Simonsen
Dynamics of excited atoms and molecules interacting with external fields
Advisors: Jan Petter Hansen, Ladislav Kocbach and Morten Førre

Njål Brekke
Improved Positron Emission Tomography through the extraction of temporal characteristics from detector system
Advisors: Renate Grüner, Dieter Röhrich and Kjetil Ullaland

Sigurd Askeland
Correlated ionization processes in atoms and molecules
Advisors: Morten Førre and Jan Petter Hansen.

Mahdi Poor Mohammadi
An Extended Scalar Sector: Charged Higgs and Dark Matter
Advisors: Per Osland, Anna Lipniacka (UiB) and Odd Magne Øgreid, Høgskolen i Bergen

Martin Møller Greve
Nanostructuring for the manipulation of electromagnetice waves
Advisors: Bodil Holst (UiB) and Philip Denby, Ensol AS

Tonje Nesse Forland
Acoustic properties – Fish without swimbladder
Grad: Phd
Advisors: Halvor Hobæk, Magne Vestrheim (UiB) and Rolf Jacob Korneliussen, Havforskningsinstituttet

Kristian Ytre-Hauge
Measurements and Monte Carlo Simulations of Neutron Doses from Radiation Therapy with Photons, Protons and Carbon Ions
Advisors: Dieter Röhrich (UiB), Odd Harald Odland (Haukeland Universitetssykehu) and Dieter Schardt (GSI Darmstadt)

Knut Arne Birkedal
Empirical and Numerical Evaluation of Mechanisms in Gas Production from CH4-Hydrates
Advisors: Arne Graue, Bjørn Kvamme and Geir Ersland


Saeed Fallah Bolandtaba
Mechanistic Network Modeling of Water-based Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods
Advisors: Arne Skauge and Kristine Spildo (Uni CIPR) and Jan R. Lien

Arshak Tonoyan
Recreating the top quark: Commissioning and monitoring of the ATLAS Inner Detector and search for New Physics with heavy particles
Advisors: Anna Lipniacka, Bjarne Stugu and Heidi Sandaker

Sabrina Eder
A neutral matter wave microscope (NEMI): Design and Setup
Advisors: Bodil Holst (UiB) and William Allison (Cambridge University)

Mathieu Ichard
Numerical computations of pressurized liquefied gas releases into the atmosphere
Advisors: Bjørn J. Arntzen (UiB) and Jens A. Melheim (CMR GexCon)

Hanna Tikkanen
Cost-Effective and Environmentally Methods for the Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Advisors: Alex C. Hoffmann (UiB) and Crina Ilea (CMR Prototech)

Abdul Waheed
Laser excited Li Rydberg atoms in electric and magnetic fields
Advisors: Øyvind Frette and Jan Petter Hansen

Anak Bhandari
Modelling and measurements relevant for transport of polarized light in skin tissue
Advisors: Jakob J. Stamnes and Øyvind Frette

Thomas Gjesteland
Properties of Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes - Modelling and Analysis of BATSE and RHESSI data  
Advisors: Nikolai Østgaard, Johan Stadsnes og Eija Tanskanen

Phan Van Cuong
Transport and adsorption of CO2 and H2O on calcite and clathrate hydrate
Advisors: Tatiana Kuznetsova and Bjørn Kvamme

Ilker Meric
Nuclear methods for subsea fluid characterization
Advisors: Geir Anton Johansen (UiB), Marie Bueie Holstad (CMR) and Robin Pierce Gardner (North Carolina State University)

Attiq ur Rehman
The ALICE TPC Readout Electronics - Design, performance optimization and vertification of the DAQ circuit
Advisors: Kjetil Ullaland and Dieter Röhrich



Åsmund Haugen
Fluid Flow in Fractured Carbonates: Wettability Effects and
Enhanced Oil Recovery


Prankul Middha
Development, use, and validation of the CFD tool FLACS for
hydrogen safety studies


Boris Balakin
Experimental and theoretical study of the flow, aggregation and
deposition of gas hydrate particles


Dag Toppe Larsen
Monitoring and calibration of the ALICE time projection chamber

Endre Rieber
Automatic diagnosis of pigmented skin cancer

Karl Magnus Laundal
Auroral Imaging as a Tracer of Global Magnetospheric Dynamics

Olav Erlend Torheim
Design and implementation of fast and sparsified readout for
Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors


Szabolcs Endre Horvat
Phase transitions in nonMequilibrium dynamical systems

Yun Cheng
Hydrodynamics and Freeze Out Problems in Energetic Heavy Ion



Trygve Buanes
Studies of the decay Bs→ µ+ µ- in the ATLAS experiment and saturation curves of silicon photomultipliers
Advisor: Gerald Eigen

Trygve Buanes
Mean-field approaches applied to hydrate phase transition kinetics
Advisor: Bjørn Kvamme

Jarle Husebø
Monitoring depressurization and CO2-CH4 exchange production scenarios for natural gas hydrates
Advisor: Arne Graue

Liang Sun
The measurements on the branching fractions and asymmetries of B→Kℓ+- and B→K*ℓ+- decays
Advisor: Gerald Eigen

Johan Alme
Firmware Development and Integration for ALICE TPC and PHOS Front-end Electronics
Advisor: Kjetil Ullaland

Geir Ersland
Studies of flow mechanisms and hydrate phase transitions in fractured rocks
Advisor: Arne Graue

Catalin Grigore Ilea
Numerical Simulations of Dust Lifting
Veileder: Alex Christian Hoffmann
Grad: PhD

Marita Sørbø
Energetic particles at low altitudes in the equatorial region. Temporal/spatial variations and implications for the source region
Advisor: Finn Søraas

Martin A. Fernø
A study of capillary pressure and capillary continuity in fractured rocks
Advisor: Arne Graue

Abdul Wahab Mohamed El Kaffas
Constraining the Two Higgs Doublet Model with CP Violation
Advisor: Per Osland

Thomas Bognø
Impacts on oil recovery from capillary pressure and capillary heterogeneities
Advisor: Arne Graue

Else B. Johannesen
Wettability Determined by NMR and its Impacts on Oil Recovery in Chalk
Advisor: Arne Graue

Bjørn Askeland
Marine seismics with a low-level acoustic combustion source and time coded sequences
Advisor: Halvor Hobæk

Elisabeth Iren Dale
Modelling of immiscible WAG with emphasis on the effect of capillary pressure

Ingrid Sundvor
Studies of the Dynamics of Small Molecules in Strong Fields
Advisor: Jan Petter Hansen

Hilde Nesse Tyssøy
Effects of energetic particle precipitation on the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere
Advisor: Johan Stadsnes



Crina Silvia Ilea
New Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Based on Nanoparticles
Advisor: Alex Christian Hoffmann

Hongyan Yan
Particle Production in p+p and d+Au Collisions at sqrt(s_NN)=200 GeV
Advisor: Dieter Röhrich

Petter Norli
Sound velocity cell for gas characterization
Advisors: Magne Vestrheim, Per Lunde (external)

Victoria Popsueva
Structure and Dynamics of Few-Electron Quantum Dot Molecules
Advisor: Jan Petter Hansen

Erlend Bjørndal
Acoustic measurement of liquid density with applications for mass measurement of oil
Advisors: Magne Vestrheim, Kjell-Eivind Frøysa (external)

Kurt A. G. Schmidt
Modelling of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Systems Relevant to Reservoir Fluid Processing
Advisor: Bjørn Kvamme

Bjarte Alsaker Mohn
Charged Higgs boson searches and SemiConductor Tracker commissioning for the ATLAS experiment
Advisor: Bjarne Stugu

Robert Wilhelm Moe
Oil recovery by waterflooding fractured chalk at different wettabilities
Advisor: Arne Graue

Are Reinert Raklev
Supersymmetric Cascade Decays at the LHC
Advisor: Per Osland

Geir Pedersen
Methodology for in situ target strength measurement of fish
Advisors: Halvor Hobæk, Egil Ona (external)

Audun Pedersen
Effects of nonlinear sound propagation in fisheries research
Advisors: Magne Vestrheim, Per Lunde (external)

Camilla Sætre
The effect of energetic electron precipitation on the nitric oxide density in the lower thermosphere
Advisor: Johan Stadsnes

Eirik Aspenes
Wettability effects on oil recovery mechanisms in fractured chalk
Advisor: Arne Graue

Ola Kristoffer Øye
Preparing the ATLAS experiment – SemiConductor Tracker commissioning and simulation of SUSY models
Advisor: Bjarne Stugu



Ingrid Ofte
Search for the rare decay B -> πℓ+- in the BaBar experiment
Advisor: Gerald Eigen

Trond Austrheim
Experimental Characterization of High-Pressure Natural Gas Scrubbers
Advisor: Alex Hoffmann

Sølve Selstø
Contributions to the Theory of Atoms and Molecules in Strong Electromagnetic Fields
Advisor: Jan Petter Hansen

Helge Hellevang
Interactions between CO2, saline water and minerals during geological storage of CO2
Advisor: Bjørn Kvamme

Nazila Yavari
Optical spectroscopy for tissue diagnostics and treatment control
Advisor: Jan Petter Hansen

Erlend Randeberg
Electric spark ignition of sensitive dust clouds in the sub 1 mJ range
Advisor: Rolf K. Eckhoff

Etele Molnar
Covariant description of particle emission from high energy fluids
Advisor: László P. Csernai

Atle Svandal
Modeling hydrate phase transitions using mean-field approaches
Advisor: Bjørn Kvamme



Karolis Tamosiunas
Kinetic Description of the Final Stages in the Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
Advisor: László P. Csernai

Erik J. W. Wensink
Molecular Simulations of Complex Liquids and Confined Systems
Advisor: Alex Christian Hoffmann.

Agnes Nyiri
Large scale collective modeling the final "Freeze Out" stages of energetic heavy ion reactions and calculation of single particle measurables from these models
Advisor: László P. Csernai

Lars Gimmestad Johansen
Radiation hard silicon microstrip detectors for use in ATLAS at CERN
Advisor: Bjarne Stugu

Taddeo Ssenyonga
Studies on solar ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and aerosols in the equatorial Africa belt
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Willy Okullo
Light and Life in African Environment: Environmental monitoring of Lake Victoria
Advisor: Jakob Stamne

Jens Ivar Jørdre
Rapidity and transverse momentum spectra and the reaction dynamics in Au+Au collisions at RHIC
Advisor: Dieter Röhrich

Jon Kåre Lotsberg
Light and Life in Norwegian Waters: Laboratory Measurements, Field Measurements, and Simulations
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Momodou Jain
Focusing of electromagnetic waves into biaxial and unixial crystals
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Gaute Hagen
The Contour Deformation Method in Momentum Space, and Effective Interactions for Weakly Bound Nuclei
Advisor: Jan S. Vaagen

Arve Aksnes
Ionospheric global conductances derived from remote sensing of UV and X-ray emissions
Advisor: Johan Stadsnes

Arne Åsnes
Substorm injections and wave-particle interactions causing energetic electron precipitation - Remote sensing of auroral X-rays and particle measurements at geosynchronous orbit
Advisor: Johan Stadsnes

Lu Zhao
A Novel Approach for Imaging Objects Embedded in Tissue (Part II)
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Kristian Pagh Nielsen
A Novel Approach for Imaging Objects Embedded in Tissue (Part I)
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Guanqun Yan
Interface Level Determination in Gravitational Separators Using High Frequency Magnetic Field Measurements
Advisor: Erling Hammer

Emil Cimpan
High Frequency Magnetic Field Technique: Mathematicall Modelling and Development of a Full Scale Water Fraction Meter
Advisor: Erling Hammer



Jørgen A. Lien
The Readout Control Unit of the ALICE TPC
Advisors: Håvard Helstrup, Kjetil Ullaland

Marie Bueie Holstad
Gamma-ray scatter methods applied to industrial measurement systems
Advisor: Geir Anton Johansen

Erik Wolden Dvergsnes
Extra Dimensions at Particle Colliders
Advisor: Per Osland

Harald Krüger
Estimating the Permeability Using Adaptive Multiscale Estimation
Advisor: Nordtvedt

Norsang Gelsor
Studies on Solar Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone over the Tibetan Plateau Based on Satellite Data and Ground Measurements
Advisor: Ladislav Kocbach

Zhongbao Yin
High pT Physics in Heavy Ion Collisions at sqrt (s_NN) = 200 GeV
Advisor: Dieter Röhrich

Morten Førre
On the dynamics of excited atoms in time dependent electromagnetic fields
Advisor: Jan Petter Hansen

Anders Strand Vestbø
Pattern Recognition and Data Compression for the ALICE High Level Trigger
Advisor: Dieter Röhrich



Wafaa Khater
Top Quark Pair Production and CP-violating Higgs Sector
Advisor: Per Osland

Rolf Korneliussen
Analysis and presentation of multi-frequency echograms
Advisor: Halvor Hobæk

Stein-Arild Tjugum
Dual Modality Densitometer
Advisor: Geir Anton Johansen

Kjellmar Oksavik
A study of temporal and spatial variations in the polar cusp/cleft region using multi-instrument techniques
Advisor: Finn Søraas



Ole Kr. Førrisdahl
Computer Simulation of Natural Gas Hydrates: Equilibrium, Melting, Inhibition and Free Energy Calculations
Advisor: Bjørn Kvamme

Imante Raskinyte
Resonances in Few-body systems
Advisor:  Jan S. Vaagen

Stein Ottar Stalheim
On the water saturation calculation in hydrocarbon sandstone reservoirs
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Henning Heiberg-Andersen
Mechanisms of the p(6He, 5He)d, p(6He,a)t and p(6He,t)a Reactions
Advisor: Jan S. Vaagen

Glen Selvaraj Sithambaranathan
Transmission and Focusing of electromagnetic waves into biaxial crystals
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Børge Hamre
Light and life in polar and coastal waters
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Øyvind Frette
Light and Life in Norwegian Coastal Waters: Aspects of Optical Remote Sensing
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Halvor Møll Nilsen
Aspects of the theory of atoms and coherent matter and their interaction with electromagnetic fields
Veileder: Jan Petter Hansen

Randi Valestrand
On the Effect of Absolute Permeability Heterogeneity on the Determination of Porous Media Flow Functions
Advisor: Nordtvedt

Giedre Sapragonaite
Sturmian Method for Light Exotic Nuclei
Advisor: Jan S. Vaagen



Geir Vigdel
Neutrino properties and the Solar Neutrino Problem
Advisor: Per Osland

Dimitriy Gridnev
Quantum Stability
Advisor: Jan S. Vaagen

Volodymyr Magas
Multi Module Model for Ultra-Relativistic heavy Ion Collisions
Advisor: László P. Csernai

Leo Saks
Vertex Functions in Quantum Chromodynamics
Advisor: Per Osland

Tatyana Kuznetsova
Molecular modeling for thermodynamic properties of bulk and interfacial systems

Steinar Vervik
Methods for characterization of gas-coupled ultrasonic sender-receiver measurement systems
Advisor: Magne Vestrheim

Dominique Gross
Agent-based Modelling: An Interidisciplinary Approach
Advisor: Ladislav Kocbach

Csaba Anderlik
Hadronization and freeze-out in Heavy Ion Collisions
Advisor: László P. Csernai



Imad H. Ladadwa
Aspects of Atomic Structure in Atomic Collisions
Advisor: Ladislav Kocbach

Odd Harald Odland
A study of the Performance of the Photon Spectrometer PHOS in the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider
Advisor: Dieter Röhrich

Jan Martin Kocbach
Finite element modelling of ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers. Influence of geometry and material parameters on vibration response functions and radiated field
Veileder: Magne Vestrheim, Per Lunde (external)

Jun Bai Wang
Aspects of nonperturbative electron dynamics in one- and two-elctron atomic collisions
Advisor: Jan Petter Hansen

Samuel Subbey
Regularizing the Volterra integral equation – the capillary pressure case
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Nickolai Sergienko
Image formation by diffractive optical elements
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Kåre Langaas
Modelling of immiscible two-phase flow in porous media with the binary fluid lattice Boltzmann method
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit



Nikolai Østgaard
The dynamics of energetic electron precipitation during substorms utilization of the remote sensing technique of X rays
Advisor: Johan Stadsnes

Odd Magne Øgreid
Mellin Transform Approach to Double-Box Diagrams
Advisor: Per Osland

Zsolt Iosif Lazar
Theoretical Study of Fluctuations and Discontinuities in Fluid Dynamics
Advisor: László P. Csernai

Eirik Åbro
Measurements if Gas Fraction in Pipe Flows using Multi-beam Gamma-ray Attenuation
Advisor: Geir Anton Johansen

Anders W. Borgland
Search for B0s - \bar(B0s) oscillations with the DELPHI detector
Advisor: Gerland Eigen

Alv-Arne Grimstad
On nonlinearities and covariance analysis for the reservoir fluid flow model
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Daya Jiang
Focusing of electromagnetic waves into uniaxial crystals
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes



Stein Egil Håland
Energetic Particle Signatures of Reconnection and Flux Rope Formation in the Magnetotail
Veileder: S. Ullaland

Morten Jakobsen
Acoustics of complex porous media
Grad: Dr. Scient.

Heidi A. Espedal
Detection of oil spill and natural film in the marine environment by spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
Advisor: Ladislav Kocbach

Hege Urkedal
Design of Multiphase Flow Experiments
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Tor Stadnes
Experimental Examination of Ultrasound Diffraction Tomography Techniques
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Bjørn Gerry Viksund
Fluid Flow in Fractured Chalk Models at Different Wettabilities
Advisors: Arne Graue, Arne Skauge

Bjørn Tore Hjertaker
Multiphase flow imaging by dual mode tomography
Advisor: Geir Anton Johansen

Øyvind Nesse
Sound propagation in emulsions
Advisors: Halvor Hobæk, Kjell-Eivind Frøysa (external)



Johne Alex Larsen
Evaluation of Transport Properties for Immiscible Flow in Porous Media
Advisor: Skauge

Janniche Hilland
On-line quality determination of petroleum fluids by means of dielectric spectroscopy and chemometric modelling
Advisor: Erling Hammer

Erik Kofoed
Design of a signal conditioning unit for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer using a mixed-mode ASIC
Advisor: Kjetil Ullaland

Trond Friisø
Quality Determination of Petroleum Liquids From Complex Permittivity Spectra
Advisor: Erling Hammer

Rune Stadsnes
Dynamics of a magnetospheric substorm
Advisor: S. Ullaland

Kjetil Folgerø
Coaxial sensors for broad-hand permittivity measurements of petroleum fluids
Advisor: Erling Hammer



Chen Bingquan
Diffraction tomography and its applications for optical imaging in radom media
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Knut Arne Børresen
Experiments and Simulations of Fluid Flow in Heterogeneous Reservoir Models: Emphasis on Impacts from Crossbeds and Fractures
Advisor: Arne Graue

Hans Martin Helset
Three-Phase Flow and Capillarity in Porous Media
Veileder: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Velauthapillai Dhayalan
Focusing of electromagnetic waves
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Dehong Kong
Process Safety - Initiation and Turbulent Propagation of Gas Explosions
Advisor: Erling Hammer

Alv Kjetil Holme
Strange and non-strange baryon and antibaryon production in sulphur-tungsten and sulphur-sulphur interactions at 200 A GeV/c
Advisor: Gunnar Løvhøiden



Arild Skjold
On the Determination of the CP of the Higgs Boson
Advisor: Per Osland

Ogbonnia Otu Eleri
Application of the nuclear tracer imaging and computed tommography techniques to multiphase flow in porous media
Advisor: Arne Graue

Jarle Tollefsen
New Capacitance Sensor Principle in Flow Measurements

Kees Van Wingerden
Gas Explosions in Vented Enclosures and in the Open: Mechanisms, Prediction Methods and Mitigation



Kjetil Ullaland
The design of a VLST mixed analogue and digital modular ASIC processor for capacitance tomography

Øyvind Isaksen
A Noval Approach to Reconstruction of Process Tomography data
Advisor: Erling Hammer

Bjarte Kileng
Some Triangle Diagram Effects in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
Advisor: Per Osland

Torolf Kato Wedberg
Quantitative phase microscopy by two-dimensional optical diffraction tomography
Advisor: Jakob Stamnes

Rune Wiggo Time
Analysis of Space and Time Structures in Two-Phase Flow Using Capacitance Sensors



Håvard Helstrup
Strange and non-strange baryon production in ultrarelativistic sulphur-tungsten and sulphur-sulphur collisions

Pål Bjarne Ingsøy
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Charlotte Bøe Tjølsen
The Effect of Heterogeneity on Fluid Flow. Stochastic Modelling of Absolute and Relative Permeabilities in Oil Reservoirs
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Cato Bjelland
Reduction of noise in seismic hydrophone arrays. Modelling of breathing waves and adaptive noise cancelling
Advisors: Halvor Hobæk, Leif Bjørnø (external), Jan Åge Langeland (external)

Erling Andersen
Grad: Dr. Scient.



Sverre Jakob Alvsvaag
The FASTBUS trigger modules for the SAT detector in the DELPHI experiment at LEP, CERN

Lars Ersland
Design and implementation of a radiation hardened silicon on sapphire (SOS) embedded signal conditioning unit controller (SCUC) for the RAPID instrument on the Cluster satellites
Advisors: Ullaland

Knut Steinar Bjørkevold
Virtual two-loop corrections to Bhabha scattering
Advisor: Per Osland



Espen Staubo
Nuclear matter under extreme conditions
Veileder: László P. Csernai
Grad: Dr. Scient.

Erik Søndenå
Studies of Capillary Pressure and Electrical Resistivity in Porous Rock Samples at Reservoir Conditions
Advisor: Kristoffer Kolltveit

Per Steinar Iversen
A Monte Carlo simulation of the high density projection chamber
Grad: Dr. Scient.



Geir Anton Johansen
Development and analysis of silicon based detectors for low energy nuclear radia­tion

Kjartan Olafsson
Reconstruction of energetic electron spectra in the upper atmosphere : balloon observations of auroral x-rays coordinated with measurements from the eiscat radar

Rolf Kahrs Hansen
ROVI - akustisk sensor for undervanns robot
Advisors: Halvor Hobæk and Leif Bjørnø (external)

Jan Petter Hansen
Studies of collision dynamics in electron capture processes
Advisor: Johannes Mathias Hansteen

Arne Kåre Topphol
The SAT calorimeter : an analysis of its performance
Advisor: Endre Lillethun



Jann-Rune Ursin
Gammatomografi med anvendelse innenfor væskeflømming i porøse medier
Advisor: Egil Lillestøl

Jan-Erik Nordtvedt
Using the Inverse Problem Formulation to Calculate Characteristic Properties of the Porous Medium