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Medicine against parasites like Tapeworms and Giardia, contains a substance that kills Prostate- and colon cancer.
The kick-off meeting for the career development program Momentum at the University of Bergen took place November 7.
Controversial electrotherapy has been replaced with small electrical impulses to the brain. This can help patients with depression, stroke and brain tumours.
"To have so many of the missing artifacts back feels unreal," says Professor Liv Helga Dommasnes.
Most of the artifacts that was stolen from the University Museum this August has been found. Two men are arrested.
Two men have reportedly been arrested in relation to the burglary where 400 viking treasures were stolen from The University Museum of Bergen in August.
The Sars Centre at the University of Bergen (UiB) was recently awarded two prestigious Marie Curie grants. For the next four years it will be part of two international networks conducting research into evolution.
Climate researcher Eystein Jansen believes external financing has been vital for the success of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. He has good advice for researchers that seek external financing through Horizon 2020.
Friday marked the launch of the new UiB Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET).
UiB's new Centre of Excellence is officially open.
She’s both a groundbreaking computer scientist and an excellent teacher; and now she’s awarded the Teaching Prize at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
A recent study shows that there are no negative effects from having annual influenza vaccination.
UiB is the eighth most quoted university in the world within humanities, according to a new ranking from Times Higher Education.
Presents the challenges and fascinations of fusion energy – how hope surrounding the artificial sun can save our energy demands.
Research, development and cooperation were key words at the ocean conference in Bergen September 22.
UiB-student Ommund Veim Eikje (22) was thursday found dead in France.
- If you want to build a research career, it's not enough to be highly skilled or to have a great talent, says UiB's Pro-Rector Margareth Hagen.