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Thursday 26. May 2011 Eivind N. W. Støren defended his PhD-thesis at Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
Investment in research infrastructures and technology is costly and requires long-term thinking and planning. The Research Council of Norway has a total budget of 400 million for equipment proposals for 2011. May 10 they announced the allotment of funding for equipment proposals under 30 million. The remaining funding will be granted to more costly equipment purchase proposals, which must... Read more
Espen N. Vaular, Department of Chemistry, defended his PhD thesis on 26. May 2011. Valuar has participated in the GEO-lead "Gas hydrates on the Norwegian-Barents Sea-Svalbard margin"-project (NFR-Petromaks)
Depth-dependent extension, two-stage breakup and cratonic underplating at rifted margins