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The seismograph station installed by The Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen in Juba, Sudan early in 2009 is now collecting valuable information on local earthquakes in an area where the largest earthquake in Africa occurred in the junction between the Aswa shear zone and the East African Rift.
Friday 15. January 2010 Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund defended her PhD-thesis at Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
(from Geoviten-ekstern 18.12.2009) The department has recently installed a new Raman spectrometer at the Bergen Geoanalytical Facility on the second floor in Realfagbygget.
(from Geoviten-ekstern 18.12.2009) Our planet is a work of life. Biological and geological processes have been inextricably linked since life first emerged on Earth. Learning more about when and where life first evolved is central to understanding how geobiological systems have shaped our planet. The answers to these questions are preserved in sparse and fragmentary early Archean rocks that... Read more