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The VISTA centre is a multidisciplinary research centre funded by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.
The geophysics group is involved in the Centre for Excellent Innovation (SFI) DigiWells
An international team of researchers, including Eoghan P. Reeves of the Department of Earth Science and Centre for Deep Sea Research, has this week in Nature Communications published its first findings on the geological and geochemical setting of the Aurora hydrothermal vent system, the first seafloor hot springs located ~4km under thick Arctic sea ice.
The geophysics group (Rolf Mjelde) has been involved in GoNorth. GoNorth (Geosciences in the Northern Arctic) is a Norwegian geoscience project for exploration of The Arctic Ocean. 13 Norwegian institutions participate, and work is being done towards establishing wide international collaboration.
The Svalex course was run from 2001 to 2014. The geophysics group has been an active contributor to this course.
On 21 March a relatively strong earthquake happened just off the coast of Bergen. This event was felt in large parts of Norway.
Ten geophysics bachelor and master students participated in a field course in Kiel (Germany) in August.
On 15 December 2021 Kristian Jensen successfully defended his thesis on seismic modeling and imaging.