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Lianna Poghosyan completed her Master degree in microbiology in May 2015 on a study of microbial diversity in Armenian geothermal environments. Congratulations!
Professor Emerita Hilary Birks received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Paleolimnological Association on 4 August 2015. She was given the award during their international symposium in Lanzhou, China.
Professor II Kathy Willis has been awarded the Michael Faraday Prize and Lecture for 2015 from the Royal Society (UK) for her outstanding work in science communication
Clémentine is working with guppies and otoliths at EvoFish
Over 70 international experts gathered May 11-13, 2015, at a workshop hosted by the Centre for Geobiology (CGB). Coming from 14 different countries, they represented a cross-section of different lines of intervention, including geology, environment, biology and policy. The workshop was entitled, "From Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems to the Sustainable Exploitation of Massive Sulfide Deposits:... Read more
I was given a chance to give a presentation to Chinese schoolkids on something that is related to my profession. I chose to tell them about wildlife in China. This was a nice experience, and I believe that the children also enjoyed the occasion.
Visiting German marine scientists investigate responses of the plankton community to ocean acidification in a field experiment at Raunefjord
Eihab Idris will study how size-selective fishing affects colouration
Nature's Conscience - The Life and Legacy of Derek Ratclffe
In 2007 the Centre for Geobiology (CGB) was established through the Research Council of Norway’s Centre of Excellence Scheme. This week Centre post-doc, Steffen Leth Jørgensen, is one of the first author’s on a ground-breaking paper that is published in Nature.
To gain insight to seafood markets in China, we visited a major wholesale market in Cangnan. There is one word that describes it all: bustling.
Nature's Conscience - The Life and Legacy of Derek Ratcliffe, edited by Des Thompson, John Birks, and Hilary Birks, was published April 2015.
The seminar to honour John Birks’ official retirement was held on 19th and 20th March 2015. It was organised by Anne Bjune (UniResearch, EECRG), Rick Battarbee (ECRC, University College London), and Kathy Willis (Oxford, Kew Gardens, EECRG), who also co-edited a special volume of The Holocene (25 (1): January 2015) dedicated to John.
Vivian Astrup Felde successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled 'Quantifying modern pollen-vegetation-diversity relationships: an assessment of mehtods to reconstruct past terrestrial biodiversity' on 26 March 2015
My three months in Taipei are now nearing the end. Here are some reflections on life in Taipei.
On 19th and 20th March there will be a seminar in honour of John Birks
Fisheries on cutlassfish in Taiwan are landing several, superficially similar species. Researchers at the National Taiwan University are figuring out the relative importance and population biology of different species. EvoFish is following how this fascinating investigation is unfolding.
This workshop aims to thoroughly discuss state-of-the-art research on deep-sea hydrothermal systems on a global and regional perspective. Four thematic lines of intervention are being considered: geology, environment, biology, and policy.