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Doctorates of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry sitting in their robes at the doctorate promotion.
Doctorates of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.
Ole Henrik Kongsvik

Disputaser i 2019

  • Lea Zoe Landolt disputerte 16. januar med avhandlinga: "Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in clear cell renal cell cancer and renal fibrosis". Rettleiarar: Hans- Peter Marti, Bjørn Egil Vikse og James B. Lorens
  • Luiza Chwiszczuk disputerte 17. januar med avhandlinga:"Demens med Lewylegemer- søvn, kognisjon og nevropatologi".  Rettleiarar:Arvid Rongve, Minna Hynninen, Michaela Gjerstad, Dag Årsland.
  • Hipolito Nzwalo disputerte 18. januar med avhandlinga: "Incidence and outcome of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage in Algarve, Portugal". Rettleiarar:Nicola Logallo, Lars Thomassen, Ana Marreiros
  • Irene Hana Flønes disputerte 13. februar med avhandlinga:"Mitochondrial mechanisms in neurodegeneration".  Rettleiarar:Charalampos Tzoulis, Christian Dölle, Kristoffer Haugarvoll.
  • Aslaug Drotningsvik disputerte 28. februar med avhandlinga: "Health effects of blue whiting protins. Dietary supplementation studies in obese rats and elderly nursing home residents". Rettleiarar: Oddrun Anita Gudbrandsen, Ola Flesland
  • Iselin Vildmyren disputerte 15. mars med avhandlinga: "Effects of cod residual protein supplementation in healthy adults. Impact on glucose regulation and lipid metabolism". Rettleiarar:Oddrun Anita Gudbrandsen,Alfred lngvar Halstensen og Christian Halstensen.
  • Boel Johnsen disputerte 28. mars med avhandlinga:"18F-FDG PET-CT in imaging of children and young adults with Ewing sarcoma in Norway".  Rettleiarar: Stein Magnus Aukland, Martin Biermann, Karen Rosendahl.

Disputaser i 2018

  • Sara Maria Mathisen disputerte 11. januar med avhandlinga “Risk factors influencing long-term survival and nursing home placement in stroke survivors and patients with carotid stenosis”. Rettleiarar: Martin Kurz, Jan Petter Larsen.

  • Eivind Sirnes disputerte 02. februar med avhandlinga “Cerebral magnetic resonance imaging in children with prenatal drug exposure Structural and functional aspects of the opioid-exposed brain”. Rettleiarar: Stein Magnus Aukland, Irene Birkow Elgen, Hilde Stokvold Gundersen, Silja Torvik Griffiths.

  • Sanjeevan Sriskandarajah disputerte 16. februar med avhandlinga “ANCA- associated glomerulonephritis prognostic factors and outcome in a Norwegian cohort”. Rettleiarar: Rune Oskar Bjørneklett, Steinar Skrede, Leif Henry Bostad, Knut Aasarød.

  • Tor Audun Klingen disputerte 20. februar med avhandlinga “Vascular invasion by tumor cells, and other prognostic factors in a population.based breast cancer study”. Rettleiarar: Lars Akslen, Elisabeth Wik.

  • Hilde Løland von Volkmann disputerte 20. mars med avhandlinga “Gastrointestinal disturbances in patients with Familial GUCY2C Diarrhea Syndrome”. Rettleiarar: Odd Helge Gilja, Torunn Fiskerstrand, Kim Nylund.

  • Maria Ramnefjell disputerte 10. April med avhandlinga “Prognostic biomarkers and clinico-pathologic characteristics in non-small cell lung cancer. A study with special focus on tumor- vascular interactions.” Rettleiarar: Lars Akslen, Lars Helgeland.

  • Novin Balafkan disputerte 18. April med avhandlinga “Modelling mitochondrial disease in cardiomyocytes generated from patient induced stem cells” Rettleiarar: Laurence Bindoff, Charalampos Tzoulis, Janniche Torsvik.

  • Emilia Hugdahl disputerte 20. April med avhandlinga “Prognostic and molecular markers in primary and metastatic melanoma” Rettleiarar: Lars Akslen, Rita Grude Ladstein.

  • Kjersti Nesheim Power disputerte 20. April med avhandlinga “Consequences of status epilepticus in adults with particular focus on cognitive function” Rettleiarar: Bernt A Engelsen, Nils Erik Gilhus, Arne Gramstad.

  • Maiken Kirkegåård Brix disputerte 03. mai med avhandlinga “Establishing Reliable MR spectroscopy techniques for measuring GABA and Glutathione in the human brain.” Rettleiarar: Mona K Beyer, Lars Ersland, Kenneth Hugdahl.

  • Katrin Brauckhoff disputerte 04. mai med avhandlinga “Injury of the recurrent laryngeal nerve Clinical and experimental studies focusing on intraoperative neuromonitoring” Rettleiarar: Paul Husby, Kerstin Lorenz, Martin Biermann.

  • Aurora Selvik disputerte 25. mai med avhandlinga “Injury of the recurrent laryngeal nerve Clinical and experimental studies focusing on intraoperative neuromonitoring” Rettleiarar: Halvor Næss, Christopher Elnan Kvistad, Lars Thomassen,Ulrike Waje-Andreassen.

  • Rajiv Advani disputerte 30. mai med avhandlinga “Organisational and Informational Changes to Acute Onset stroke treatment aimed at increasing the availability of treatment and improving outcomes” Rettleiarar: Martin Kurz, Halvor Næss.
  • Arne Kodal disputerte 01. juni med avhandlinga “Long-term follow-up of cognitive behavior therapy for youth with anxiety disorders: Outcome, predictors and social anxiety” Rettleiarar: Ingvar Bjelland, Gro Janne Wergeland, Krister Fjermestad.

  • Friedemann Erchinger disputerte 12. juni med avhandlinga “A short endoscopic Secretin test for the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis” Rettleiarar: Georg Dimcevski, Odd Helge Gilja, Trygve Hausken.

  • Trond Engjom disputerte 13. juni med avhandlinga “Ultrasonography of the pancreas in Cystic Fibrosos and Chronic pancreatitis. Pancreatic ultrasound revisted.” Rettleiarar: Georg Dimcevski, Odd Helge Gilja, Birger Norderud Lærum.

  • Erland Hermansen disputerte 15. juni med avhandlinga “Clinical and radiological results after three different posterior decompression techniques for lumbar spinal stenosis” Rettleiarar: Kari Indrekavm, Christian Hellum.

  • Israa Abdul Rhman Hassab Allah Alhaj Ahmed disputerte 26. juli med avhandlinga “ Identification of prognostic biomarkers for oral squamous cell carcinoma - Study on human samples and experimental models -” Rettleiarar: Daniela Elena Costea, Anne Christine Johannessen, Dipak Sapkota.

  • Peder O. Laugen Heggdal disputerte 27. august med avhandlinga “ Functional-structual reorganization of the neuronal network for auditory perception after unilateral hearing loss” Rettleiarar: Hand Jørgen Arstad, Karsten Specht, Jonas Brannstrom, Flemming Vassbotn.

  • Stian Almeland disputerte 31. august med avhandlinga “ Undergraduate education in plastic surgery” Rettleiarar: Emma Hansson, Anne Berit Guttormsen, Carolin Freccero, Louis de Weerd.

  • Monica Dalva Valvatne disputerte 13. september med avhandlinga “ Genetic and cellular studies of carboxyl-ester lipase (CEL), a protein involved in exocrine and endocrine pancreatic disease” Rettleiarar: Anders Molven, Karianne Fjeld, Bente Berg Johansson, Pål Rasmus Njølstad.

  • Vilhelm F. Koefoed disputerte 14. september med avhandlinga A proper lookout. Studies of contrast sensitivity.” Rettleiarar: Gunnar Høvding, Eilif Dahl.

  • Bjørg Elvevoll disputerte 28. september med avhandlinga «Microvascular fluid shifts during cardiopulmonary bypass and intraabdominal hypertension” Rettleiarar: Øyvind Sverre Svendsen, Paul Husby, Venny Lise Kvalheim, Oddbjørn Haugen.

  • Khadija El Jellas disputerte 28. september med avhandlinga «Carboxyl-ester lipase in human pancreatic disease:A study with focus on genetics, glycosylation and ABO blood groups.” Rettleiarar: Anders Molven, Karianne Fjeld, Bente Berg Johansson og Pål Rasmus Njølstad.

  • Monica Haraldseid Breitve disputerte 28. september med avhandlinga « Carboxyl-ester lipase in human pancreatic disease:A study with focus on genetics, glycosylation and ABO blood groups.” Rettleiarar: Arvid Rongve, Minna Hynninen,Kolbjørn Brønnick.

  • Lisbeth Sandtorv disputerte 31. oktober med avhandlinga Mental health and care situation in school-aged children prenatally exposed to alcohol and other substances: a hospital-based study” Rettleiarar: Irene Elgen, Siren Haugland.

  • Karin Margrethe Hjelle disputerte 02. november med avhandlinga “A population based study on kidney cancer in Norway (2008-13). - Aspects of biopsy use, surgical treatment and outcome” Rettleiarar: Christian Beisland, Tom Børge Johannesen, Leif H. Bostad.

  • Hans Olav Ueland disputerte 02. november med avhandlinga “Surgical treatment of patients with thyroid eye disease” Rettleiarar: Eyvind Rødahl, Olav Henrik Haugen, Svein Arthur Hønsl- Jensen.

  • Henning Kristian Olberg disputerte 23. november med avhandlinga “Influenza virus infection and vaccination in Guillain-Barré syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis” Rettleiarar: Christian Vedeler, Kjell-Morten Myhr.

  • Randi Brendbekken disputerte 11. desember med avhandlinga “Multidisciplinary intervention versus brief intervention in specialist healthcare. Attempting to improve outcomes for patients on sick leave with musculoskeletal pain” Rettleiarar: Tone Tangen, Hege Randi Eriksen, Stein Atle Lie, Anette Harris.

Disputaser i 2017

  • Georg Bollig disputerte 13. februar med avhandlinga “Ethical challenges, decision-making and end-of-life care in nursing homes”. Rettleiarar:Jan Henrik Rosland, Eva Gjengedal og Andreas Heller.

  • Tesfaye Hordofa Leta disputerte 10. mars med avhandlinga “Revision Knee Arthroplasty in Norway 1994-2011. A register-based study with focus on implant survival, pain relief, functional outcome, patient satisfaction, health related quality of life, and causes and risk of re-revision”. Rettleiarar: Ove Furnes, Stein Håkon Låstad Lygre og Berit Rokne.

  • Thomas Knoop disputerte 17. mars med avhandlinga “Prognostic aspects of IgA nephropathy”. Rettleiarar: Rune Oscar Bjørneklett og Bjørn Egil Vikse

  • Cathrine Enoksen disputerte 8. juni med avhandlinga “Deformation and initial stability in hip arthroplasty. Effect of neck geometry and fixation – an experimental cadaver study”. Rettleiarar: Nils Roar Gjerdet, Tina Strømdal Wik og Astvaldur J. Arthursson.

  • Christian Sætersdal disputerte 9. juni med avhandlinga “Clubfoot treatment in Norway. Introduction of the Ponseti method has improved the outcome”. Rettleiarar: Lars B. Engesæter, Jonas Meling Fevang.

  • Sura Aziz disputerte 27. juni med avhandlinga “Biological and clinico-pathologic markers in breast cancer. With focus on histologic features, markers of proliferation and angiogenesis”. Rettleiarar: Lars A. Akslen, Elisabeth Wik.

  • Eirik Alnes Buanes disputerte 1. september med avhandlinga "Cardiac Arrest in a Community: Epidemiology, Treatment, and Outcome". Rettleiarar:  Jon-Kenneth Hjeltne, Anne Berit Guttormsen.

  • Rannveig Skrunes disputerte 13. oktober med avhandlinga "Hereditary renal disease in the Norwegian population, with a focus on Fabry disease”. Rettleiarar: Camilla Tøndel, Hans-Peter Marti, Einar Svarstad, Bjørn Egil Vikse

  • Håvard M. Forsmo disputerte 17. oktober med avhandlinga «Enhanced recovery after colorectal surgery – a randomized study of optimized perioperative treatment with an emphasis on patient counselling». Frank Pfeffer, Christian Erichsen.

  • Jon-Helge Angelsen disputerte 20. oktober med avhandlinga "Resection rates and predictors of survival after surgery for colorectal liver metastases". Rettleiar: Asgaut Viste

  • Aliona Nacu disputerte 27. oktober med avhandlinga "The Norwegian Sonothrombolysis in Acute Stroke Study (NOR-SASS). Randomised controlled contrast-enhanced sonothrombolysis in a general acute ischaemic stroke population". Rettleiarar: Lars Thomassen, Ulrike Waje-Andreassen, Halvor Næss.

  • Hanne Marie Bøe Lunde disputerte 3. november med avhandlinga "Patient-centered outcomes in multiple sclerosis. Results from observational studies on sleep, employment and survival". Retteiarar: Lars Bø, Kjell-Morten Myhr, Arvid Lundervold, Nina Agnethe Grytten Torkildsen.

  • Kristi Krüger disputerte 8. november med avhandlinga "Markers of angiogenesis and the basal-like phenotype of breast cancer". Rettleiarar: Lars Akslen og Elisabeth Wik

  • Liv Solrunn Mellesdal disputerte 22. november med avhandlinga «Predictors of suicidality and self-harm related admissions to psychiatric and general hospitals». Rettleiarar: Hugo A. Jørgensen, Lars Mehlum.

  • Vegar Forsaa disputerte 1. desember med avhandlinga "Macular hole – epidemiology, morphology, and treatment". Rettleiarar: Jørgen Krohn, Gunnar Høvding.

  • Anders Ø. Bjørnstad disputerte 14. desember med avhandlinga "Motor and non-motor challenges in early Parkinson`s disease". Rettleiarar: Guido Alves,Elisabeth Farbu.

  • Katina Dingtorp Handeland disputerte 15. desember med avhandlinga "Fatty fish intake, adherence to dietary guidelines, and attention performance - A randomized controlled trial in Norwegian adolescents". Rettleiarar: Jannike Øyen, Marian Kjellevold, Ingvild Eide Graff, Øyvind Lie.

  • Marianna Cortese disputerte 18. desember med avhandlinga "The timing of environmental risk factors and prodromal signs of multiple sclerosis". Rettleiarar: Kjell-Morten Myhr, Trond Riise

Disputaser i 2016

  • Eirik Magnus Degerud disputerte 19. januar med avhandlinga “Vitamin D status and cardiovascular disease. Observational studies in patients who underwent coronary angiography”. Rettleiara: Jutta Dierkes, Ottar Kjell Nygård, Stefan de Vogel. Les mer her.
  • Jintana Bunpan Andersen disputerte 22. januar med avhandlinga “Epidemiology, comorbidity and clinical course of myasthenia gravis. A registry-based study.”. Rettleiara: Nils Erik Gilhus, Jone Furlund Owe, Anders Engeland.  Les mer her.
  • Jenny Hild Aase Husby disputerte 5. februar med avhandlinga “Functional imaging to promote individualized and targeted therapy in endometrial cancer”. Rettleiara: Ingrid S. Haldorsen, Helga S. Salvesen. Les mer her.  
  • Per Jesper Fredrik Blomquist disputerte 12. februar med avhandlinga “Surgical treatment of shoulder instability in Norway.The Norwegian Shoulder Instability Register” Rettleiara: Leif Ivar Havelin, Eirik Johan Solheim Les mer her.
  • Bård Flattun Lilleeng disputerte 12. februar med avhandlinga “Long term clinical disease progression in patients with Parkinson’s disease after STN Deep Brain Stimulation” Rettleiara: Jan Petter Larsen, Espen Dietrichs. Les mer her. 
  • Kristin Modalsli Sand disputerte 11. mars med avhandlinga “Stroke and vision. Management and outcome of vision problems in ischemic stroke patients” Rettleiara: Jana Midelfart Hoff, Lars Thomassen, Halvor Næss, Ulrike Waje-Andreassen. Les mer her.
  • Halvor Øygarden disputerte 8. april med avhandlinga “Family history in young and middle-aged acute ischemic stroke patients. Norwegian Stroke in the Young Study”. Rettleiara: Ulrike Waje-Andreassen, Lars Thomassen Les mer her.
  • Sudeep Mukerji disputerte 29. april med avhandlinga “A transneuronal analysis of the olivocochlear and the middle ear muscle reflex pathway" Rettleiara: Nils Erik Gilhus, Daniel Lee, Christian Brown. Les mer her.
  • Himalaya Parajuli disputerte 29. april med avhandlinga “Role of integrin α11 in oral carcinogenesis. In vitro and in vivo studies” Rettleiara: Daniela Elena Costea, Anne C. Johannessen, Donald  Gulberg. Les mer her.
  • Dobrinko Socanski disputerte 15. juni i Stavanger med avhandlinga “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and occurrence of epilepsy, interictal epileptiform discharges and two years follow-up in children”. Rettleiara: Tor Ketil Larsen, Per Hove Thomsen, Dag Aarsland. Les mer her. 
  • Sveinung Fjær disputerte 20. juni med avhandlinga «Magnetization Transfer Ratio in Experimental Models of Multiple Sclerosis» Rettleiara: Kjell-Morten Myhr, Lars Bø, Arvid Lundervold, Tina Pavlin, Stig Wergeland. Les mer her
  • Yngve Nygård disputerte 22. september med avhandlinga “On the diagnosis of early stage Prostate Cancer with an emphasis on Prostate Cancer Gene 3 (PCA3) and Real-Time Elastography (RTE)” Rettleiara:Christian Beisland og Svein Andreas Haukaas. Les meir her
  • Mona Badawy disputerte 7. oktober med avhandlinga "Influence of hospital procedure volume and the risk of revision in knee arthroplasty surgery". Rettleiara: Ove Furnes, Birgitte Espehaug, Kari Indrekvam og Leif Havelin. Les meir her
  • Paschal Joseph Ruggajo disputerte 19. oktober med avhandlinga “Low Birth Weight and Risk of Progressive Kidney Disease Epidemiological and Morphological Studies” Rettleiara: Bjørn Egil Vikse og Einar Svarstad. Les meir her
  • Gøril Knutsvik disputerte 31. oktober med avhandlinga “Biomarkers in breast cancer, with special focus on tumor cell proliferation" Rettleiara: Lars Akslen og Ingunn Stefansson. Les meir her
  • Lavina Ahmed disputerte 2. november med avhandlinga «Axl as a Biomarker in Breast and Lung Cancer». Rettleiara: Lars A. Akslen, David Micklem og Hawa Nalwoga. Les meir her
  • Oddvar Mathias Sandvik disputerte 4. november med avhandlinga «Epidemiology and Management of Rare Gastrointestinal Tumors: lessons from gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms and gastrointestinal stromal tumors» Rettleiara: Jon Arne Soreide og Kjetil Soreide. Les meir her
  • Knut Evanger disputerte 11. november med avhandlinga «Ocular changes in patients during hyperbaric oxygen therapy -with emphasis on refractive changes and optical components».  Rettleiara: Olav H. Haugen og Einar Thorsen. Les meir her
  • Simone Reiter disputerte 11. november med avhandlinga "Psychiatric disease, adverse social aspects and quality of life in women and men with epilepsy related to pregnancy". Rettleiara: Nils Erik Gilhus, Bernt A. Engelsen, Anne Kjersti Daltveit og Gyri Veiby. Les meir her
  • Cornelia Schuster disputerte 22. november med avhandlinga "Investigation of predictive markers in patients with metastatic melanoma treated with bevacizumab". Rettleiara: Oddbjørn Straume og Lars Akslen. Les meir her
  • Eli Eikefjord disputerte 13. desember med avhandlinga «Towards clinical application of renal dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI – optimization of technical performance and evaluation of clinical feasibility». Rettleiara: Jarle Rørvik, Arvid Lundervold og Erling Andersen. Les meir her

Disputaser i 2015

  • Inger Hjørdis Bleskestad disputerte torsdag 22. januar i Stavanger med avhandlinga ”Markers of disturbed mineral metabolism in chronic kidney disease - with emphasis on kidney transplant patients”. Rettleiar: Lasse Gøranson og Hugo Bergrem. Les meir her.

  • Christopher Elnan Kvistad disputerte 20. februar  med avhandlinga ”Recanalization in cerebral Inschemia”. Rettleiar: Halvor Næss og Lars Thomassen. Les meir her.

  • Francoise J. Siepel disputerte 13. mars  med avhandlinga “[123I] FP-CIT SPECT in Lewy body disease” Rettleiar: Dag Arsland, Nils Erik Gilhus, Mona Kristiansen Beyer. Les meir her.

  • Thomas Werner Lindner disputerte 26. mars  med avhandlinga “Epidemiology, treatment and outcome of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest”  Rettleiar: H: Eldar Søreide, Hans Morten Lossius, Odd Bjarte Nilsen. Lese mer her.

  • Gro Janne Henningsen Wergeland disputerte 29. april  med avhandlinga “Effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy for youth with anxiety  disorders: a randomized controlled study”. Rettleiar: Einar Røshol Heiervang, Bente Storm Mowatt Haugland, Lars-Göran, Ingvar Bjelland. Les mer her. 

  • Lars Fjetland disputerte 8. mai med avhandlinga “Endovascular stroke treatment at Stavanger University Hospital”.  Rettleiar: Martin Kurz,  Jan Petter Larsen, Roy Sumit. Les mer her.

  • Ellen Berget disputerte 27. mai med avhandlinga “Molecular approaches to the diagnosis and evaluation of follicular lymphoma”.  Rettleiar: Olav Karsten Vintermyr, Anders Molven, Lars Helgeland. Les mer her. 

  • Judit Haász disputerte 8. juni med avhandlinga “Structural and functional brain imaging and cognition in aging and stroke”.  Rettleiar: Lars Thomassen, Arvid Lundervold, Karsten Specht,  Astri Johansen Lundervold. Les mer her. 

  • Hanne Marit Bjørgaas disputerte 12. juni med avhandlinga “Psychiatric disorders in children with cerebral palsy. Is there a need for mental health screening?”.  Rettleiar: Irene Elgen, Mari Hysing. Les mer her.

  • Knut Harboe disputerte 20. august med avhandlinga “Developing a novel femoral stem in hip arthroplasty. An innovation process using a weight-bearing animal model”.  Rettleiar: Kari Indrekvam, Nils Roar Gjerdet, Kjetil Søreide. Les mer her. 

  • Tarek Ramzi Elia Mazzawi disputerte 28. august med avhandlinga “The role of diet in irritable bowel syndrome with special reference to gut neuroendocrine system”.  Rettleiar: Magdy El-Salhy. Les mer her

  • Jorunn Litlekalsøy disputerte 18. september med avhandlinga “Time relations of biological markers in urothelial carcinomas”.  Rettleiar: Ole Didrik Lærum, Jens Høstmark, August Bakke, Daniela Elena Costea. Les mer her.

  • Eva Dybvik disputerte 18. september med avhandlinga “Cancer and Total Hip Replacement. Cancer as a risk factor for prosthesis  and prosthesis as a risk factor for cancer”. Rettleiar: Stein Atle Lie, Ove Furnes, Sophie D. Fosså. Les mer her.

  • Eivind Inderhaug disputerte 9. oktober med avhandlinga ”Changing paradigms of ACL surgery – from transtibial to a more anatomic approach”. Rettleiar: Eirik Solheim, Torbjoern Strand, Allan Larsen. Les mer her. 

  • Ib Jammer disputerte 5. november med avhandlinga “Perioperative interventions and postoperative outcomes”. Rettleiar: Reidar Kvåle, Gro Østgaard, Hans Flaatten. Read more here. (Norw.).

  • Steinar Lundemoen disputerte 13. november med avhandlinga “Pulsatile and non-pulsatile perfusion strategies during cardiopulmonary bypass. An experimental approach to anesthesia, hemodynamics, microvascular fluid shifts, and tissue perfusion”. Rettleiar: Paul Husby, Ketil Grong, Venny Lise Kvalheim. Read more here. (Norw.).

  • Astrid Louise Betten Rygh disputerte 11. desember med avhandlinga “Obstetric anal sphincter injuries. A population-based study of improvement of care”. Rettleiar: Hartwig Kørner, Torbjørn Moe Eggebø, Finn Egil Skjeldestad. Read more here. (Norw.).

  • Kenneth Finne disputerte 11. desember med avhandlinga :“Proteomic signature of glomerular and tubular damage in hypertensive kidney disease”. Rettleiar: Bjørn Egil Vikse, Olav Tenstad, Frode Berven. Read more here. (Norw.).

  • Elisabeth Beisland disputerte 11. desember med avhandlinga “Health-related Quality of Life, Distress and Psychosocial Factors in Head and Neck- and Renal Cancer Patients. Quality of Life in HNSCC and RCC patients”. Rettleiar: Anne Kari Hersvik Aarstad. Read more here. (Norw.).

Disputaser i 2014

K1 hadde 24 disputaser i 2014.

  • Line Iden Berge disputerte torsdag 4. desember  med avhandlinga “Depression and migraine comorbid to diabetes. Epidemiological studies utilizing data from the Norwegian Prescription Database and the Hordaland Health Study” .
    Vegleiarar: Trond Riise, Anders Lund, Øivind Hundal og Ketil Ødegaard.
    Line har og tilknytning til Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin i tillegg til K1. Les meir her.

  • Ute Kessler disputerte fredag 28. november med avhandlinga ”Electorconvilsive thearpy for bipolar disorder depression - Effects on depressive symptoms and cognitive function”. Vegleiarar: Arne Vaaler, Helle Schøyen, Ketil Ødegaard og Åsa Hammar. Les meir her.

  • Linda Berg disputerte fredag 21. november med avhandlinga ”MRI findings in candidates for lumbar disc prosthesis: reliability and relationship to disability and pain”. Vegleiarar: Ansgar Espeland og Geir Egil Eide. Les meir her.

  • Kenneth Thorsen disputerte torsdag 30. oktober i Stavanger med avhandlinga ”Perforated peptic ulcer: epidemiology, managment and outcome prediction”.
    Vegleiarar: Kjetil Søreide og Jon Arne Søreide. Les meir her.
  • Siri Nome disputerte mandag 20. oktober med av-handlinga ”The Burden of mental health in a period with profound organizational and ideological chang-es during two decades – A prospective longitudinal clinical study of the utility of beds, mortality, and causes of death in a psychiatric hospital with sector responsibility”.
    Vegleiar: Fred Holsten. Les meir her.
  • Jo Erling Riise Waage disputerte torsdag 2. okto-ber med avhandlinga ”Strain elastography evalua-tion of rectal tumours - A criti-cal assessment of a new imaging modality”. Vegleiarar: Frank Pfeffer, Svein Ødegaard og Gunnar Baatrup. Les meir.
  • Håvard Visnes disputerte 12. september med avhandlinga ”Risk factors for jumper’s knee”. Vegleiarar: Roald Bahr, Agnar Tegnander og Kari Indrekvam. Les meir.
  • Eirik Søfteland disputerte 11. september med avhandlinga ”The diabetic gut. Mapping visce-ral sensations from gut to brain.”. Vegleiarar: Georg Dimcevski, Bjørn Nedrebøe, Odd Helge Gilja, Trygve Hausken og Jens B. Frøkjær. Les meir.
  • Nezla Duric disputerte 4. september med avhandlinga ”Children and Adolescents with At-tention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Characteristics and Treatment with Neurofeedback”. Vegleiarar: Irene Elgen og Kjell Morten Stormark. Les meir.
  • Alexander Lebedev disputerte 2. september med avhandlinga ”Cognitive impairment in neu-rodegenerative diseases: insights from computational neuroimaging”. Vegleiarar: Dag Års-land, Eric Westman, Nils Erik Gilhus, Mona K. Beyer og Arvid Lundervold. Les meir.
  • Bente Sandvei Skeie disputerte fredag 20. juni med avhandlinga ”Gamma Knife Surgery for Intracranial Tumours - Clinical and Experimental studies”. Vegleiarar: Per Øyvind Enger og Paal-Henning Pedersen. Les meir her.
  • Bernd Müller disputerte den 6.6.14 med avhandlingen: “Early Parkinson’s Disease ˗ Incidence, clinical features and quality of life in a population-based cohort study”. Les mer her 
  • Ok Målfrid Mangrud disputerte torsdag 5. juni i Stavanger med avhandlinga ”Identification of patients with high and low risk of progresson of urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder stage Ta and T1”. Vegleiarar: Emiel Jansson og Jan Petter Larsen. Les meir her.
  • Tariq Osman disputerte onsdag 4. juni med avhandlinga ”Cancer Stem Cell-Related Markers in Normal and Neoplastic Oral Mucosa. A study on human samples and experimental models”. Vegleiarar: Daniela Costea og Anne Christine Johannessen. Les meir her.
  • Anne Taraldsen Heldal disputerte onsdag 28. mai med avhandlinga ”Myasthenia gravis and acetylcholine receptor -antibodies  AChR-antibodies as a marker for epidemiological studies and in the follow-up of patients”. Vegleiarar: Nils Erik Gilhus og Fredrik Romi. Les meir her.
  • Kristian Storli Eeg disputerte fredag 9. mai med avhandlinga ”The prognostic impact of radical laparoscopic surgical treatment of colon cancer.”  Vegleiarar: Karl Søndenaa og Geir Egil Eide. Les meir her.
  • Torbjørn Hiis Bergh disputerte 4. april med avhandlinga ”Wrist injuries with normal x-rays. A study of MRI findings, clinical tests and costs of different diagnostic strategies.” Vegleiarar er Christina Brudvik, Tommy Lindau, Knut Steen og Soosaipillai Bernadshaw.
    Les meir her.
  • Øyvind Ulvik disputerte 14. mars med avhandlinga “Ureteroscopy with and without a safety guide wire in the treatment of ureteral calculi. An assessment of personal preferences, mechanical forces and clinical outcomes”. Vegleiarar er Peder Gjengstø og August Bakke. Les meir her.
  • Bård E. Heradstveit disputerte 7. mars med avhandlinga “Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: Capnography during CPR, fluid leakage and MRI following therapeutic hypothermia”. Vegleiarar er Jon-Kenneth Heltne og  Anne Berit Guttormsen. Les meir her.
  • Cathrine Nansdal Breivik disputerte 7. mars med avhandlinga “Vestibular schwannoma. Treatment options and symptom development – effect on quality of life and working ability”. Vegleiarar er Morten Lund-Johansen og Paal Henning Pedersen. Les meir her.
  • Thomas Istvan Kadar disputerte 6. mars med avhandlinga “Wear and Migration in Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty”. Vegleiarar er Geir Hallan, Ove Furnes og Kari Indrekvam. Les meir her.
  • Amani Hamza A. Osman disputerte 20. februar 2014 med avhandlinga “Characterization of tumour stroma and stem cell niche in oral squamous cell carcinoma”. Vegleiarar er Anne Christine Johannessen og  Daniela Elena Costea. Les meir her.
  • Annette Fromm disputerte 31.01.14 med avhandlinga “Ischemic stroke and atherosclerosis at a young age. The Norwegian Stroke in the Young Study”. Vegleiarar er Ulrike Waje-Andreassen og Lars Thomassen. Les meir her.

  • Sven Young disputerte 31.01.14 med avhandlinga “Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery in Low-Income Countries. Follow-up, Infections and HIV”. Vegleiarar er Leif I. Havelin, Stein Atle Lie og Lars B. Engesæther. Les meir her. 

Disputaser i 2013

K1 hadde 36 disputaser i 2013.

  • Øystein Johannes Gøthesen disputerte 29.11.13 med avhandlinga “Computer Navigation in Total Knee Replacement Surgery. Effect on Outcome”. Vegleiarar er Ove Furnes og Sigbjørn Berentsen. Les meir her. 

  • Arnstein Tveiten disputerte 29.11.13 med avhandlinga “Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Southern Norway. A study of incidence and outcome” . Vegleiarar er Halvor Næss, Unn Ljøstad og Åse Mygland. Les meir her. 

  • Silja Torvik Griffiths disputerte 22.11.13 med avhandlinga ”Functional MRI, structural MRI and school performance in extremely preterm/extremely low birth weight children.”  Vegleiarar er Irene Elgen, Stein Magnus Aukland og Trond Markestad. Les meir her.

  • Gyri Veiby disputerte 22.11.13 med avhandlinga  “Outcome in children born to mothers with epilepsy. Register-based studies on the teratogenicity of antiepileptic drugs”.  Vegleiarar er Nils Erik Gilhus, Bernt Engelsen og Anne Kjersti Daltveit. Les meir her. 

  • Hege Kristin Brekke disputerte 14.11.13 med avhandlinga: “Fluid homeostasis during hypothermia and CPB in pigs. A: Evaluation of centrifugation method for isolation of interstitial fluid. B: Studies on pharmacological interventions” . Vegleiar er Paul Husby. Les meir her.

  • Ingvild Øvstebø Engesæter disputerte 08.11.13  med avhandlinga ”Hip dysplasia in young adults.” Vegleiarar er Karen Rosendahl, Stein Atle Lie og Jonas Fevang. Les meir her.

  • Nada Mohamed Suliman disputerte 08.11.13 med avhandlinga ”Oral Mucosal Lesions and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Persons Attending a Dermatology Clinic in Khartoum, Sudan”. Vegleiarar er  Anne Chr.  Johannessen, Anne N. Åstrøm,   og Raouf W. Ali. Les meir her.

  • Nils Petter Oveland  disputerte 21.10.13 med avhandlingen: “Ultrasound Detection of Pneumothorax. Development of a porcine pneumothorax model to assess and teach lung ultrasound diagnostics”. Veiledere er Hans Morten Lossius, Eldar Søreide og Erik Sloth. Sted: Stavanger. Les mer her. 

  • Wei Wei Feng disputerte 24.06.13 med avhandlingen ”Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic aspects of endometrial stroma sarcomas—low grade and undifferentiated endometrial sarcoma”. Veileder er Jan Baak. Les mer her.

  • Lene Bjerke Laborie  disputerte 19.09.13 med avhandlingen: “Hip Dysplasia and Femorotibial Impingement. Studies in newborns and young adults with focus on Radiology and Clinical Epidemiology ”. Veiledere er Karen Rosendahl og Lars Engesæter. Les mer her.

  • Xiao Liang disputerte 18.06.13 med avhandlingen ”Biological characteristics of stem-like cells in oral squamous cell carcinoma”. Veiledere er Daniela Elena Costea, Anne Christine Johannessen og Jian Wang.  Les mer her.

  • Christian Jonasson disputerte 18.06.13 med avhandlingen ”Proton pump inhibitors in acid-related diseases. Issues in diagnosis, treatment and outcome”. Veiledere er Jan Hatlebakk og Trygve Hausken.  Les mer her.

  • Dag Aurlien disputerte 31.05.13 med avhandlingen ”Mortality in epilepsy and the influence of comorbid conditions and antiepileptic drugs ”. Veiledere er Leif Gjerstad, Erik Taubøll og  Jan Petter Larsen. Les mer her.

  • Miriam Kristine Sandvik disputerte 24.05.13 med avhandlingen ”Renal disease and cardiovascular risk factors after preeclampsia ”.  Veiledere er Bjørn Egil Vikse og Einar Svarstad, opprinnelig også Bjarne M. Iversen. Les mer her.

  • Nina Louise Jebsen disputerte 24.05.13 med avhandlingen ”Adjuvant radiotherapy in extremity and trunk wall soft tissue sarcoma—Scandinavian Sarcoma Group experience”. Veiledere er Clement S.Trovik, Øyvind Bruland og Jacob Engellau. Les mer her.

  • Kjell Matre disputerte 19.04.13 med avhandlingen ”Treatment of trochanteric and subtrochanteric hip fractures – sliding hip screw or intramedullary nail?”.  Veiledere er Jonas M. Fevang og Leif Ivar Havelin.  Les mer her.

  • Tor Oddbjørn Tveit disputerte 18.04.13 med avhandlingen ” Remifentanil as analgesia for labour pain”. Veileder er Jan Henrik Rosland. Les mer her.

  • Camilla Tøndel defended 05.04.13 her Ph.D thesis ”Markers of nephropathy in young Fabry disease patients; role of kidney biopsies and functional measurements”. Supervisors are Einar Svarstad and Bjørn Egil Vikse. Read more here (Norw.).

  • Bjørn Steinar Olden Nedrebø defended 05.04.13 his Ph.D thesis ”Colorectal Cancer in Norway. National Treatment Guidelines and Outcomes”. Supervisors are Hartwig Kørner, Kjetil Søreide and Jon Arne Søreide. Read more here (Norw.).

  • Tom Birger Glomsaker defended 21.03.13 is Ph.D thesis ”Endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP) in Norway: Patterns of activity and undesired events ”. Supervisors are Jon Arne Søreide and Lars Aabakken. Read more here (Norw.).

  • Sonia Gavasso defended 19.03.13 her Ph.D thesis ”Evaluation of interferon-beta neutralizing antibodies in individual patients with multiple sclerosis based on phospho-specific flow cytometry ”. Supervisors are Christian A. Vedeler and Kjell-Morten Myhr. Read more here (Norw.).

  • Dag Hoem defended 13.03.13 his Ph.D thesis ”Clinical, experimental and molecular aspects of pancreatic tumors ”. Supervisors are Asgaut Viste and Anders Molven. Read more here (Norw.)

  • Kine Gregersen defended 08.03.13 her Ph.D thesis ”Subjective food hypersensitivity: Studies on enterochromaffin cell secretion products and effects of seal oil therapy”. Supervisors are Gülen A. Lied, Jørgen Valeur and Livar Frøyland. Read more here (Norw.)

  • Kristin Jonsdottir defended 08.03.13 her Ph.D thesis ”Comparison of the prognostic value of microRNA, gene-expression signatures and proliferation in early node-negative breast cancer ”. Supervisors are Emilius A.M.Janssen and Jan P.A. Baak. Read more here (Norw.)

  • Terje Meling defended 07.03.13 his Ph.D thesis ”Implementation of a fracture and dislocation registry. Epidemiology and scoring validity of long-bone fractures ”. Supervisors are Kjetil Søreide and Astumdur Arthurson. Read more here (Norw.)

  • Trude Skogstrand disputerte 01.03.13 for ph.d. – graden ved UiB med avhandlingen ”Renal fibrosis in the rat”. Veiledere er  Bjørn Egil Vikse, Michael Hultström og Rolf Reed. Opprinnelig hovedveileder var Bjarne Iversen. Les mer her.

  • Tore Grimstad disputerte 01.03.13 for ph.d. – graden ved UiB med avhandlingen ”Anti-inflammatory effects of marine nutritional products in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Based on clinical and animal studies ”. Veiledere er Trygve Hausken, Roald Omdal og Rolf K.Berge. Les mer her.

  • Morten Duus Odberg disputerte 14.02.13 for ph.d. – graden ved UiB med avhandlingen ”Lav Fødselsvekt, unge voksne: Mental og somatisk helse ”. Veiledere er Irene Elgen, Karen Rosendal og Fred Holsten. Les mer her.

  • Håvard Dale disputerte 08.02.13 for ph.d. – graden ved UiB med avhandlingen ”Infection after primary hip arthroplasty. Epidemiology, time trends and risk factors in data from national health registers. The Norwegian Arthroplasty Register”. Veiledere er Lars B. Engesæter, Leif I. Havelin og Birgitte Espehaug. Les mer her.

  • Rita Grude Ladstein disputerte 01.02.13 for ph.d. – graden ved UiB med avhandlingen: ”Prognostic markers in cutaneous melanoma with emphasis on proliferation and tumor necrosis”. Veiledere er Lars A. Akslen og Ingeborg M. Bachmann.   Les mer på denne linken.

  • Rune Andreas Kroken disputerte 31.01.13 for ph.d.-graden ved UiB med avhandlingen: «Antipsychotic drug treatment of patients with schizophrenia, Practice and effectiveness». Veiledere er Erik Jonsen, Hugo A. Jørgensen og Torleif Ruud.  Les mer på denne linken.

  • Trude Gundersen Lehmann disputerte 18.01.13 for ph.d. – graden ved UiB med avhandlingen: «Slipped capital femoral epiphysis. Diagnosis, treatment and long-term outcome». Veiledere er Lars B. Engesæter og Karen Rosendal. Les mer på denne linken.

  • Kim Nylund disputerer 18.01.13 for ph.d.-graden ved UiB med avhandlingen: «Ultrasound in Crohn’s Disease - bowel wall characteristics and perfusion estimates using microbubbles». Veiledere er Trygve Hausken, Odd Helge Gilja og Svein Ødegaard. Les mer på denne linken.

  • Stig Wergeland disputerte 11.01.13 for ph.d.-graden ved UiB med avhandlingen: «Vitamin D and ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids as disease modifying factors in multiple sclerosis». Veiledere er Lars Bø og Kjell-Morten Myhr. Les mer på denne linken.