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In a new nature geoscience article Dr Philippe Steer, professor Ritske Huismans and collaborators shed new light to an old scientific controversy.
Cindy Van Dover will give her honorary doctorate lecture Thursday 30 August, in Realfagbyget’s Auditorium 4, at 14:15.
Harvey Smith professor Cindy Van Dover receives an honorary doctorate from the University of Bergen
The Bjerknes Centre invites to 10 Year Anniversary Conference September 3-6 2012
The Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses (ACDC) are a series of annual summer schools focusing climate dynamics
Professor Brian Robins is retiring after 41 years at the University of Bergen and 50 years since his first field trip!
Nil Irvali defended her PhD thesis Thursday 29. March 2012.
Professor at Department of Earth Science, Univerity of Bergen, Joachim Jacobs, participates in The international expedition Geodynamic Evolution of East Antarctica 2 (GEA-2)
Grand Old Man of the Norwegian Quaternary Geology, Bjørn G. Andersen, died January 12
Professor Haakon Fossen at the Department of Earth Science, Univerity of Bergen, and the University Museum of Bergen, has been presented with the award “Nordic Geoscientist Award 2012".
CGB leader professor Rolf Birger Pedersen and collaborators have discovered two new, unique hydrothermal vents in the Mid-Cayman spreading centre
Centre leader Rolf Birger Pedersen was part of a team of international experts aboard the RRS James Cook spring 2010.
The Turkish city of Erzurum is located near the triple junction between the Arabian, Eurasian and Anatolian plates.
Friday 25. November 2011, Ronghua Wang defended her PhD-thesis at Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
The 14th of December is the 100th year anniversary of Amundsen`s success reaching the South Pole in 1911.
Two billion year old rocks are providing information about a period of extreme carbon cycle disruption and the Great Oxidation Event – both critically important to our understanding of Earth’s geological and biological history.
Science article suggests evolution of Earth’s biology has been intrinsically linked with the evolution of its geology
The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) and the University of Bergen have acquired samples from steep parts of the seabed on the Jan Mayen ridge between Norway and Iceland.