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This week we received the very sad and unexpected news that Professor Jan Košler had passed away, only 49 years old.
An international conference “Biosignatures across Space and Time” is being hosted by the Centre for Geobiology and the Nordic Network of Astrobiology. The meeting will take place from 20 to 22 May 2014 in the Egget Auditorium, the Studentsenteret at the University of Bergen.
In a new Science publication scientists have reconstructed the surface ocean conditions and concomitant deep ocean circulation of about 125,000 years ago
University of Oslo is assisting students and scientists in Tanzania to increase the level of knowledge within Geology.
Centre Director Rolf Birger Pedersen laid the foundation stone for the new Centre for deep marine research
IODP Expedition 345 yields unexpected clues to ocean mysteries
Stéphane Rondenay was granted a FRINATEK research project and Vivi Pedersen was granted FRINATEK for "personal post-doctoral reserarch fellowship"
A team of international researchers publishes in Nature after a 2 month expedition last year to drill into ocean crust 4800m below the surface
What will happen to the Greenland Ice Sheet if the Arctic sea ice covers disappears?
Researcher Bjarte Hannisdal at the Centre for Geobiology recently received a prestigious Bergen Research Foundation Recruitment Grant for his project “Earth System Interactions and Information Transfer”
CGB scientists Cedric Hamelin and Kristian Haaga are aboard the French IFREMER’s research vessel the Pourquoi pas?, investigating the detachment fault system at 13 degrees North on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
High performance computing - as essential a tool for the earth sciences as the weather balloon and the rock hammer.
How often do students insist on returning to the U at night to extend their working day?
Around the world, and particularly in Europe, governments are beginning to discuss how best to undertake a transformation from energy-driven to bio-driven economies.
A new Nature Geoscience article sheds light on what happens deep down in the Earth’s crust where earthquakes initiate.
Marcus Landschulze, Department of Earth Science, defended his PhD thesis Tuesday 30.10.2013.
Trond Kvarven, Department of Earth Science, defended his PhD thesis Wednesday 23.10.2013.